Kings of the Hill

Whether or not you have trouble thinking about size, there’s a new book on the subject that will blow you. Your mind. The book will blow your mind. It’s Scott Poulson-Bryant’s Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America.


Poulson-Bryant (hereinafter referred to as “Pubie”) has penned an arousing text considering African-American thingamabobs from every conceivable angle. The movies Mandigo and Shaft are lovingly examined, as is the succes de scandale achieved by Robert Mapplethorpe with his Black Book.

Pubie includes in his analyses the deviant mental habits that led bigots to lynch black men in the south. Not all in the volume is darkness, or at least not in the bad sense of that word. Lexington Steele, LL Cool J and any number of big celebs are included. Pubie, it would appear, was precocious; in college he wrote a paper titled The Big Phallacy.