Kirk Cameron Feels Assaulted By Gay Weddings On Grammys, But Still Wants You To Watch His Hideous Movie

Kirk Cameron is once again clutching his pearls. The former teen idol-turned-bigot was absolutely appalled — APPALLED! — by all the happy same-sex couples who were married during the Grammy awards Sunday night.

In a post to his Facebook page that’s since been deleted, Cameron described the event as an “all out assault” on the “traditional family” values he holds so dear.


Cameron quickly deleted and replaced that message with a slightly less-volatile post. In the latest he omitted any mention of the Grammys (fearing yet another P.R. nightmare, no doubt), but again touted his latest conservative-values opus, something titled Mercy Rule, which is more than we need to know about it:

As a parent, are you like me and my wife, always on the lookout for a fun, exciting new movie we can watch together as a family on “movie night”? Well instead of waiting, we made one!! This was a true labor of love for us and its a story about faith, family, and baseball for the WHOLE FAMILY. Your kids will love it! MERCY RULE is about a family who learns the important lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice, legacy, and trusting God…and it comes with a family study guide and discussion questions so you can discuss the important things in this movie with your kids. Watch the official trailer here and share with your friends. Batter up!!

Maybe Queen Latifah should invite this jerk on her show and educate him on how thrilling it is to marry gay people.


H/t: Patheos