Kirk Cameron Needs Donations To Win “War” Against The Anti-American Gay Agenda

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.56.30 AMFormer teen actor turned raging homophobic bigot Kirk Cameron continues the traveling Christian Growing Pains tour this month, appearing in a new infomercial for Alliance Defending Freedom, a “nonprofit” organization dedicated to protecting the “God given rights” of religious freedom and freedom of speech from homosexuals, baby murderers, and the intolerant mass media machine.

For a full half hour, you can watch Kirk Cameron discuss the ways in which Christianity is under attack in America, and hear stories from victimized Christian nurses “forced” to watch abortions (which are described below as a live birth followed by the literal murder of a living child outside the mother’s body), and college students who are ridiculed for standing on campus with megaphones shouting about “traditional marriage.”

America is doomed! But according to Cameron, Christianity will win the war against this insanity.

For a good laugh, fast-forward to the 23-minute mark, where you can hear Kirk Cameron affirm that gay rights activists are “anti-American” and “anti-Christian.” If you donate a large sum to his scam operation, he can help fight the war against these intolerant folks that “persecute” and “indoctrinate” Christians.

But time is running out. So open your wallet and give generously for Jesus please.