Kirk Cameron Needs Donations To Win “War” Against The Anti-American Gay Agenda

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.56.30 AMFormer teen actor turned raging homophobic bigot Kirk Cameron continues the traveling Christian Growing Pains tour this month, appearing in a new infomercial for Alliance Defending Freedom, a “nonprofit” organization dedicated to protecting the “God given rights” of religious freedom and freedom of speech from homosexuals, baby murderers, and the intolerant mass media machine.

For a full half hour, you can watch Kirk Cameron discuss the ways in which Christianity is under attack in America, and hear stories from victimized Christian nurses “forced” to watch abortions (which are described below as a live birth followed by the literal murder of a living child outside the mother’s body), and college students who are ridiculed for standing on campus with megaphones shouting about “traditional marriage.”

America is doomed! But according to Cameron, Christianity will win the war against this insanity.

For a good laugh, fast-forward to the 23-minute mark, where you can hear Kirk Cameron affirm that gay rights activists are “anti-American” and “anti-Christian.” If you donate a large sum to his scam operation, he can help fight the war against these intolerant folks that “persecute” and “indoctrinate” Christians.

But time is running out. So open your wallet and give generously for Jesus please.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Heh heh heh… sorry, I think I’ll pass on this one! Sorry, Kirk!

  • gskorich

    just to make sure i am being a great gay american could some one forward me a copy of the gay agenda so i can make sure i am doing my part

  • Cam

    And what have we learned about these supposed religious zealots who seem to focus almost exclusively on gay issues?

    They all turn out to be self-hating closet cases. Hey Kurt, you’re making it REALLY obvious here.

    As for asking for donations, he should call MAggie Gallagher and ask her how well THEIR anti-gay fundraising is going.

  • bobbyjoe

    And Kirk Cameron will be personally accepting your donations in a shady corner of Griffith Park.

  • BitterOldQueen

    @gskorich: The gay agenda starts with roll call, followed by approval of the minutes of the last meeting; then there’s a discussion item about whether to have bran muffins or go full-on Krispy Kreme at the book club next month (should generate some pretty fierce debate!); then we go over the annual budget; someone makes a motion to just spend whatever on stickers for the parade; then we discuss how to undermine traditional marriage and stifle Americans’ right to free expression of their stupid religious faiths; then there’s a presentation from a travelling anti-bullying mime troupe who want us to sponsor their visit to a middle school; there’s an award given to the previous chair, who really did such a great job; then we adjourn for cookies and decaf. It’s a roller coaster of a night.

  • gskorich

    @BitterOldQueen: what part of the night do we get points for converting straight guys?

  • Thad1527

    Right after the presentation of the toaster ovens.

  • AJAnders

    I liked it better during that 2 decade period prior to 2012 where we heard nothing from Kirk.

  • Gigi Gee

    “Comments are disabled for this video.”

  • Ben Dover

    In every photo of Kirk Cameron, he has such a GREAT c0cksucker mouth!

  • lykeitiz

    @bobbyjoe: You beat me to it……Well played!

  • Desert Boy

    Kirk could do gay porn? Use the $$$ for his ridiculous cause.

  • coltonblack

    I have always thought of this person as a self-loathing gay man. Sad to think I used to watch him back in the 80’s on Growing Pains. Really.

  • redcarpet

    The rest of the cast of Growing Pains thought he was an insufferable twat back in the 80’s. He’s got something wrong with his brain and enough people insulating him that it just festers.

  • heath0043

    It is so funny that these people talk about attacks on their freedoms but never mention their attacks on other people’s freedoms.

  • tomron

    @heath0043: That’s because they fail to realize that their very “cause” is an attack on other peoples’ freedoms in its’ entirety!

  • SteveDenver

    Silly Moron:
    Jesus didn’t command his followers to call names and fight for “religious freedom,” but to love those who hate you, feed the hungry, care for the needy, and comfort the elderly and afflicted. He has quite the gall to make an appeal like this. A fool and his money are soon parted and Kirk is standing by to grab it.


    He makes me sick. I want to join the Agenda. Is it part of the Gay Mafia? Can you see him in his 50s and 60s still spoutin’ off this crap. He’ll take over for Pat Robertson.

  • SteveDenver

    @redcarpet: I didn’t know that about the cast relations, it’s always funny to hear how it played out. I watched UNSTOPPABLE, because a friend’s cousin is in a band on the soundtrack. It was very slick, very stupid, Cameron basically uses all his charm and fake sincerity to ‘reason’ with Christians by making statements, like “God created Adam and Eve, that’s a given” and then jumping over the vast chasm of no proof. He’s such a handsome shyster.

  • johnozed

    It’s hilarious when you have the closed captions on…

  • DickieJohnson

    @SteveDenver: Thanks, Steve! WHY can’t all the nutcase “christians” understand these very simple facts? Don’t they ever actually READ the Gospels?

  • Geoff B

    He needs donations? Count me in. Just cleared out the backyard of all the “Beagle Bombs”. Anyone got an adress?

  • toberlin

    The problem is that religious people often abuse their protection by the law.In a pluralistic society they have the DUTY to accept other opinions too.Of course it is my Duty in a democracy to tolerate religious people too.And I do if they are doing they citizens duty. The Freedom of Religion is more restricted in Germany .For example:
    Public Schools have a “principle of neutrality”here.The constitutional court had ruled even a crucifix on a wall for traditional reasons is not permittet because the students should not be EXPOSED TO RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS :).Students get no permission to be absent from sexual education in schools for religious reasons.You have the RIGHT to make a Abortion here.But the DUTY to have one Counseling Session to talk about the reasons for your decision.It is always about Rights an Duties in a democracy

  • Dakotahgeo

    @toberlin: Germany has the right idea! In the 50s-60s it would have been out of place to have any religious symbols in a public school system, because the church was doing its job INSIDE the church, instead of making money 24/7 like most megachurches do now. Not to mention the televangeliCONS! My, how times have changed. We have an all-FEMALE Staff with the exception of our custodian. The Catholic schools, along with other denominational (e.g. Lutheran, 7th Day Adventists) are another completely different ball of wax. Interesting. Thanks for your comments.

  • toberlin

    Per definition in our constitution “the educational System is under state supervision”.Homeschooling is illigal. Also ALL private schools (Sport schools or Religious school)are SUBJECT TO STATE SUPERVISION.
    Id est:You can ADD in a private school more sports or religious education but you have cover the STATE CURRICULA.The EDUCATIONAL MANDATE of the state cannot be bypassed by religious parents.The result is:less brainwashed people…

  • Cam


    Why do you think that the GOP has been trying to dismantle the Department of Education and cut school funding for years?

  • toberlin

    :)I assume because evey person with more than one brain cell understand that children are more open to educational influence.Straight people are not born homophobic or hate naturally on people who are gay.You don’t have to be gay to think or to feel being gay is something natural or normal.

  • nevereclipsed81

    I would like donations to pay my bills, but I don’t get those, because I’m not a scamvangelist. I’m sorry but these people are worse, in every way, than people on Welfare.

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