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Kirsten Dunst insulted a gay fan and made his dreams come true

Louis Virtel had a dream.

That dream was… to go on Jeopardy! and up the show’s sass level by about a billion:

But he had another dream.

That dream was… to discuss said Jeopardy! appearance on Queerty. 

He lived that dream, and you can too.

“Snapping is a major part of my life,” he told us. “It establishes verve and efficiency and flavor, and in the case of that Daily Double, it was a damn relief to get that question right. My gayness gets volcanic when I’m winning at stuff.”

But Louis had yet another dream, OK? And it’s one we can all relate to.

Here he is fearlessly sharing it on Twitter:

Well as Virtel should surely know by now, dreams come true.

The very next day, this happened:

And just like that, Virtel was left dremless:

The Twitterverse was obviously obsessed:

What’s the lesson here?

Well, to quote the Dali Lama: