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  • Jeff


  • tavdy79

    Ah, yes, the UK’s least favourite homo. At least, according to most of the gay guys I know – we are sooo over Barrowman.

    Can we swap him for Gavin Newsom?

  • Alexa

    Long time partner? I thought they got married?

  • Erick

    Oh yes please. Can I be next.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    You all play with John, that’ll give me more time with Scotty!

  • Rick

    Well, this UK gay guy would have John Barrowman in a heartbeat!

  • John

    TAVDY79 has some balls speaking for en entire population of gays…and I thought Elton John would be more unpopular because of his stereotypical gayness that keeps everyone thinking that all gay men need to wear loud colors, ugly colored glasses and get into fights with Madonna. Am I wrong again? damn.

  • Nick

    John is a total slut.

  • AndreüsDWM

    Please correct to read “husband”.

  • rogue dandelion

    @AndreüsDWM: i thought it was illegal in the old empire?

  • Cam

    yeah yeah Yeah Tavdy, Go ahead and bitch about this guy who was on a top 5 show in Britain, and came out of the closet WHILE he was a star, he didn’t wait until after he had already decided to leave the show ala rosie O’Donnell, or always stay in the closet (Hello Sean Hayes).

    We need more people like this guy, but if you want to bitch some more about him, why don’t you move to Salt Lake City, I’m sure you could find plenty of people who hate him there.

  • gbargle

    If we’re going to be focusing on British gays, how about some Russell Tovey?

  • GJR

    Yes, that Barrowman is so passe in the UK, bettter send him to the US and my bed immediately…

  • icelus

    I am soooo smitten with Mr. Barrowman.

  • jim

    Technically, Gill is his partner, not husband–last I heard they have civil partnership in the UK, not gay marriage.

  • DJ

    No.8 NICK-How the fuck would YOU know?

  • alan brickman

    I love it when people like t79 say “I think i can speak for everyone” to disguise their jealousy of guys like John Barrowman…

  • AnCris

    They are so cute!!!

  • Shawn

    Kiss ME, Captain Jack!

  • GJR

    Not only do I think Barrowman is yummy, but I also think his show Torchwood is worth a look too. They had one season of it on BBC America, not sure what happened to it in the UK or if there are further seasons.

    Normally I am not into Sci-Fi.Images of those geeky Star Trek conventions make my blood curdle. And if you’ve ever seen the show Ace of Cakes on Food Network, you will see that no one pitched a bigger fit than when they failed to have all the details of the Star Trek set perfectly reconstructed on the special cake than the nutty fans. The thing I always noticed about the Star Trek enterprise and most of the entire Sci-Fi world is how heterosexuality-oriented and/or homophobic it can be, with very few exceptions. The idea is, with all the vastness of the universe, sexuality would be exactly within the confines of human heterosexuality. Recently, many fans had quite a hissy fit on one of the Star Trek shows – I believe it was covered here – because there was a same sex attraction. I remember the quote from some father saying, “Oh, it’s a shame…I don’t know if I want my son to see this one and he sees all the others”…
    So this guy who is interested in new worlds, new forms of life can’t deal with the thought of homosexuality in space.

    But that Torchwood concept is different. From the beginning, the producers stated they felt that the concept of sexuality should be much more fluid in terms of relationships with other worlds and the characters’ sexuality is also fluid. There are same-sex encounters with aliens. Barrowman’s character kisses men on a few occasions. Again, probably not the best sci-fi show out there but worth a look for their idea of the interplay of sexuality and sci-fi.

    Incidentally, Barrowman allegedly read for the part of Will in the hackneyed, “Amos and Andy” show Will & Grace. People noted the great irony that Barrowman, who is gay, lost the part to Eric McCormick who is *cough* *cough* straight. I’m so glad Barrowman didn’t get involved with that show, he’d seem much less sexy now if he did. Of course, it would have been cool to actually have an out gay actor playing the role of Will. But it took another decade to get super-sweet Neal Patrick Harris to do that.

  • Kalanw

    Here’s some green eyed vitriol. They are handsome, successful, and love each other. I HATE THEM!!!

  • Kate

    tavdy79 – speaking as someone from the SF/Bay Area, sure you can have Gavin if I can have John AND Scott!

  • MJK

    Looks as though Barrowman is going for the worst dressed Z-lister (or should that be best dressed lol?!)

    Anorak, shirt open to the navel, Barbie belt and trainers.

    Like he got dressed in the dark. In a charity shop.

  • EKC

    how cute are JB&SG :o!
    love themm ;D

  • ConGuy

    No 8 and No 16 – one of his Torchwood co-stars recently said that JB should have a tattoo of a guest book of his back. And that comments might read something like:

    “Had a lovely time. Will come again!”

  • ConGuy

    Sorry – that should have read “ON his back.”

  • Gala1010

    GJR: Torchwood Season 3 (Children of Earth) is coming out this Summer, but they’re not giving us any clues about when. Best news (although not for the UK, we’re having to wait because of it) it’s being broadcast simultaneously (well, a couple of hours’ delay) in the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada and I think somewhere else

    And his character is actually in a relationship with another male character. As a fangirl, I screamed when they kissed at the end of series 2, I was that happy

  • hatorl

    they are so hot
    I love this couple

  • Cathy

    No 23 feeling a bit catty are you? Z-lister? I don’t think so…

  • MJK

    My humble apologies to all Z-listers, but there is no lower letter of the alphabet.

  • Cassandra

    @ConGuy: Firstly I can’t imagine who would say that out of the TW cast members. Secondly there are only two reasons it would be, 1) Complete and total jealousy or 2) Completely and totally ‘KIDDING’! They’re like a family on that set, they all adore one another, it was a joke man, wake up and relax.
    Also I would like to say that they are sweet and lovely together. Period. Whatever label you give it, these two men have loved and cared for one another and stuck it out through, thick, thin and snotty jerks for 16 year and counting. I say that’s amazing and beautiful and I applaud them. I hope they have another 60 to boot.
    As for any naysayers I’ve missed, let me say this to you: how unfortunate that you must go out of your way to hate someone you don’t really know anything about, because you don’t actually know them and that you take everything so seriously that you can’t take anything with a grain of salt. No one Gay, Straight or purple can or will please everyone all the time. Being highly sexual, flirtatious and honest is not a bad thing, it doesn’t hurt anyone, unlike your comments.
    And for heaven’s sake people, while we’re on the subject of bashing things and people etc. Please consider the context, the year, the social climate and the ever hated American sponsor/censor team …and LAY OFF STAR TREK!

  • Cassandra

    This thought also occurs to me and I’d like to share it.
    For all the GLBT members who have and will leave comments on these pages …
    What is the world coming to, when the oppressed and persecuted no longer seem to grasp that it is wrong to oppress and persecute?
    I think it is terribly, terribly sad to be honest and maybe the only moment where Toddy’s viewpoint doesn’t apply, if you’ve been smearing folks, shame on you.

  • A.J



    That was a JOKE! I was there when it was said..OH MY god, dont people get jokes anymore? If you’ve ever been lucky enough to meet the cast of Torchwood, you’d KNOW how well they get on with each other.

  • Treillis

    John Barrowman et son partenaire sont vraiment beaux à voir, tant pour le physique que pour l’amour qui les unit depuis si longtemps.
    J’ai découvert cet artiste grâce à Torchwood qui passe sur Sci-Fi en France.
    Acteur, chanteur, beau male et un amour fidèle, il est clair que certains ne peuvent qu’être jaloux et envieux.
    Que la Force soit avec eux !

    John Barrowman and his partner are really beautiful to see, both the physical and for the love that unites them for so long.
    I discovered this artist through Torchwood passing on Sci-Fi in France.
    Actor, singer, beautiful male and faithful love, it is clear that some can only be jealous and envious.
    May the Force be with them!

  • DaveinSF

    Uh… “long time partner” No.. try it again Queerty.

    Scott is John’s HUSBAND. They are MARRIED you see, unlike the United States, the UK isn’t a wannabe theocracy with it’s head shoved up its ass where Gay and Lesbians citizens can still be used as scapegoats and denied basic civil equality.

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