Kissing Time


The San Francisco Chronicle has reported a story out of Bangkok involving a gang of criminal transvestites. The “girls” would hide strong sedatives under their tongues and spit them down the throats of their victims. After the victim was knocked out he would be robbed. This isn’t the first time tranny-gangs have used their “girl power” for crime. Before this kissing incident, another gang “applied strong tranquilizers to their nipples in order to drug and then steal from unsuspecting men.”

Bangkok has long warned visitors of accepting food or drink from strangers for fear of being drugged and robbed. But this latest revelation has them warning of a new threat. “But now we are adding one more warning for tourists: don’t rush to kiss a stranger on the mouth or you will end up in a deep sleep,” a police chief stated.

And here we thought the worst thing you could get from kissing a tranny was a face smeared with lipstick or a cold sore.