The naked truth

Kit Harington says he’ll happily strip down “for anyone.” And it looks like he means it.

Anyone who’s blithely waltzed past an episode of Game of Thrones over the years has likely witnessed rafts of blood and ganglia bouncing out of bashed-open brains, gleeful incest-rape, and Kit Harington’s taut physique.

In case there was any room for confusion, the actor recently admitted that he’s not exactly unnerved when it comes to baring it all.

Discussing that scene when he flashes his ass while getting frisky on Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), he opened up about his thoughts on nudity, his fans, and getting nude for his fans.

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During a recent visit to The Jonathan Ross Show, the conversation quickly turned to Harington’s ass, which happens quite a lot.

“When you die I want a cast of your buttocks and I’m gonna hang it above my bed,” host Jonathan Ross crowed.

“But joking aside,” he asked, “is it a bit weird that we’ve all seen your buttocks?”

“Not really,” Kit responded. “I’ll get them out for anyone!”

So there you have it. If you ever happen to see Harington on the street, be sure to approach him, mention the interview, and insist that he expose his buttocks at once.

Then he’ll mace you, knee you in the groin, and head off to talk to Bernie about the dailies.

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  • THAT Steve

    The text was fun and the story light, exactly what I needed after other dark things online. The pics? Why didn’t it occur to anyone that a story about a man being willing to show off his ass should have at least one picture of the said man’s bare ass?

    • JED08

      For me, ring me up when he stops smoking, but until then, no bueno,

  • Donston

    At least he quickly gotten over the, “I don’t want to be a sex symbol. I’m much too talented and serious of an actor for that” phase. And it’s definitely a nice ass that hopefully we’ll see more of.

    • dean089

      I suspect he realized how lame that sounded even while he was saying it. LOL!

  • stevetalbert

    Yes, but how big are his hands?

    • stevetalbert

      He probably wont be in 21 centrimetros.

  • OzJosh

    What year is this?! After 25 years of Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton – in which every second interview is about the guest’s most recent nude scene – who exactly is stilll interested, much less shocked or titillated, by a flash of arse. Even in the super-repressed, sexually-stunted USA this can’t still be worthy of comment. Queerty can’t make the pretence of being hip and enlightened, then giggle at the sight of a bum, just like those throwback British talk show hosts who still “titter ye not” as though were still living in the era of Frankie Howard and Kenneth Williams.

    • dean089

      It’s not different from ‘Attitude’s’ weekly “so-and-so leaves nothing to the imagination” and there’s just a photo of some guy’s bare ass. Sorry, Attitude, but I didn’t really have to imagine that he has an ass. That’s a given.

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