Knight, Others In Mass Commitment Ceremony

West Hollywood sure got gay last night. Well, gayer than usual.

TR Knight, his child bride boyfriend, Jay Leno and scads of media folk swarmed on popular gay bar The Abbey for a mass commitment ceremony, a symbolic push toward California’s forthcoming gay marriages.

Actor Knight, who recently said he’s not getting married any time soon, told the press that he participated to help stop the haters: “There’s a lot of hate around and until that hate disappears, you’re going to have people trying to push down another group of people for whatever reason.”

West Hollywood mayor Jeffrey Prang presided over the ceremony, saying, “Your joined hands are outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual bond, signifying to all your commitment to each other and your commitment in vowing to vote and protect your right to love.”

Yes, yes, hands are all well and good, but where are the diamonds!?