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Know Your America: Which States Are the Gay-Friendliest? Which Hate You?

The Human Rights Campaign does a fine, if generic job grading America’s corporations on how gay-friendly they are. But what about grading entities even bigger than companies? Like, American states? Whether you’re planning to pick up everything and move for a new job, or a new lover you found on ChatRoulette, it might be worth seeing if your new home will be taking a giant crap on your equality.

And this fun chart is just the tool. With a top score of 6.0, eQualityGiving ranks states by things like marriage rights, discrimination protections, and school bullying policies. It’s a little broad in scope — after all, do states get higher scores if some cities have non-discrimination ordinances even if they don’t exist at the state level? — but we like our information in digestible, bite-size bits.

Otherwise, how else would we know Ohio and Tennessee are both terrible states for the queers? Oh, right.

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  • JoeB

    I’m convinced that the editor hasn’t passed 6th grade grammar. Least Gay-Friendly.

  • Qjersey

    Next time some jerk in NYC makes a Jersey joke, I’ll remind them that Jersey scores 1.5 points HIGHER than NY state.

  • Wade macMorrighan

    HA!!! SUCK IT, “LIBERAL” East and West Coats–Iowa beat ya’ ALL down! :oP Anyone planning to move? Try OUR cozy little state…

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    The irony is that while NJ scores in the top-rank at 5.5 out of 6, it doesn’t really have any gay community locally. Residents here are typically dependent on Philadelphia or New York City for gay amenities, social outlets and entertainment.

    We actually have fewer gay bars and clubs than we did 20-years ago, in-part since we no-longer HAVE to go to a “gay” club or bar…we can openly-go with our other to any club or bar. But the side-effect was it broke-up the gay enclaves clustered around those previously “safe” social outlets….and they closed out of lack-of-need. But it does make it harder to meet other gay people….

  • Chitown Kev

    I thought that Maine and Wisconsin had domestic partnerships (even if they are not the “everything but marriage” DPs that California and Washington have).

  • tjr101

    The chart is quite depressing. The majority of the states are below 2.5. This goes to show how far again America has to progress. Florida is at 1.5 which is surprising for such a diverse state.

  • Oh-So-Very

    Bah fuck you Ohio, I’m moving to Vermont or maybe Connecticut…

  • PopSnap

    Uh, I’d rather be in Ohio than Alabama any day of the week. I’ve never once suffered verbal or physical harrasment here in Ohio and I know at least a dozen other succesful LGBT people in the area. NE Ohio is one of the most liberal areas of the country and Columbus is the gayest place in the Midwest besides for Chicago. The problem is our Republican senate which gets voted in by mostly rural places and the fact that nobody in Ohio gives a shit enough to care about much of anything.

    However, if I lived in someplace like say Alabama, MI or Arkansas, I’d most likely get my ass beat or live like it was the 1950’s. Stupid ass list. I don’t like Ohio but we always get such a bad rap when it comes to just about everything.

  • fredo777

    lol Great, my state (MI) only got a 2.5. I should get the hell outta this joint.

  • Eric

    This might be the worst map I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s almost completely indecipherable.

  • McShane

    If Iowa is anything like Minnesota, there has virtually never been an obvious gay presence: decrimination laws aren’t enforced. They often speak better of everything because most people have statistically never been elsewhere.

  • tvmuffin

    Oh to be gay and living in a wal-mart town. Can’t think of anything more depressing really.

  • tavdy79

    @Wade macMorrighan: So what? The lowest score for any Canadian province or territory is a 5.5 – most of them get a 6!

  • zenflo

    Alas, Florida rates a 1.5 — so many backwards state laws, many of which I foresee being repealed within 10 years or so.

    Still, our urban centers are mostly cool. Fort Lauderdale is my home, so I’m biased, but I’ll hoist a 5.5.

    The Queerty map reminds me of Lite Brites.

  • Fitz

    Having a good place to drink or cruise does not a friendly state make.

  • zenflo

    Pity that no one hit on you.

  • Don-Martin

    Where is Hawai’i & Alaska?

  • Daniel

    Maine and Wisconsin DO have domestic partnerships that offer some rights and responsibilities. Iowa has a very active GLBT community and is way better than Minnesota. eQualityGiving should factor in constitutional amendments denying equal protection under law, in which case, for example, California is an epic fail. eQualityGiving should also factor in quality of state judicial systems in which case Mississippi and Idaho should rank a bit higher, while Maryland, Washington, New York, Louisiana, West Virginia and Texas should rank way lower.

  • *J_C*

    where the fuck is the scale, map key what ever the fuck you call that shit am i suppose to look for the pink or what im lost and misinformed

  • *J_C*

    oh okay found it te-he

  • Brian NYC

    Couldn’t the yahoos make the map in varying shades of one color? It would be mush easier to read. All the colors just make it harder to try to read.

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