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Know Your America: Which States Are the Gay-Friendliest? Which Hate You?

The Human Rights Campaign does a fine, if generic job grading America’s corporations on how gay-friendly they are. But what about grading entities even bigger than companies? Like, American states? Whether you’re planning to pick up everything and move for a new job, or a new lover you found on ChatRoulette, it might be worth seeing if your new home will be taking a giant crap on your equality.

And this fun chart is just the tool. With a top score of 6.0, eQualityGiving ranks states by things like marriage rights, discrimination protections, and school bullying policies. It’s a little broad in scope — after all, do states get higher scores if some cities have non-discrimination ordinances even if they don’t exist at the state level? — but we like our information in digestible, bite-size bits.

Otherwise, how else would we know Ohio and Tennessee are both terrible states for the queers? Oh, right.