Kosovo Crazies Threaten Gay Leader

Man oh man, some homophobes in Kosovo have serious issues! An anymous person or persons sent a hateful note to the leader of the gay rights group, Centre for Social Emancipation. The” revolutionary” recipient – known only as Mr. Z – couldn’t believe the severity of the threats, which translate thus: “We will fuck you mother, burn you with all your belongings, and will make you carry your intestines in your own hands, you lewd man”. Talk about lewd! The author goes on to accuse Mr.Z of “smearing the pure and freedom-seeking nation” and says he should “prepare his funeral within two weeks”. Yikes!

Despite the imminence of the warnings, the Serbian province’s police initially refused to pursue the case. Looking for some justice, the CSE enlisted the help of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights. Under growing pressure, the police opened an allegedly flawed exploration. A CSE spokesperson declares:

We believe that Mr. Z’s right to use all the possible legal remedies has been violated by the police officers… His privacy was not respected as he was being interviewed in the reception room and at least seven different police officers and random citizens walked into the room, thus stopping the interview process and finding out what had happened.

Poor Mr. Z. Always last on the list of priorities…

Gay, Lesbian Youth Leaders Under Serious Death Threats
[UK Gay News]