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Romney Adviser Kris Kobach Likens Homosexuality To Drug Use And Polygamy

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Republican National Convention Platform, Kansas Secretary of State and Mitt Romney’s adviser on immigration issues, Kris Kobach, made what he thought was a valid argument against an amendment that would have ended the GOP’s longstanding support of the Defense of Marriage Act:

“Our government routinely judges situations where you might regard people completely affecting themselves—like, for example, the use of controlled substances. Like polygamy that is voluntarily entered in to. We condemn those activities even though they are not hurting other people, at least directly. So this is worded way to broadly for inclusion in the platform.”

The amendment was proposed by Pat Kerby, an RNC delegate from Nevada, who argued that “under the constitution, every American gets treated equally under the law.” That dog apparently won’t hunt for the GOP this time around as the amendment was subsequently struck down.

Kobach is known for his vehement anti-immigration stance and in 2004 he claimed that the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT organizations supported “homosexual pedophilia.” Then when Kobach came out in support of the Romney campaign earlier this year, Mitt was ecstatic to have someone he called “a true conservative.”

So, for the record, this is a true conservative:

Beautiful ain’t it? Like a white tiger—or asbestos.

Photo: HRC Twitter

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  • Cam

    So then, you could also say that Religion, which is entered into voluntarily, and which people use as an excuse to actually do harm to others would also not be something those GOP folks would want to protect if they used the same argument.

    Oh wait…..

  • Spike

    Isn’t polygamy a str8t thing?

    Isn’t there a commandment that touches on the whole, shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, topic?

  • NateOcean

    Funny he should mention polygamy.

    Romney: smarmy, arrogant, tax-evading, liar…
    …decended from a long line of polygamists out of Mexico.


    @NateOcean: I am HOMOSEXUAL, and I want three men in my bed all the time (including Rommney) or other Morons, (Mormon).

  • FStratford


    Are you serious? A threesome is not polygamy.

    Polygamy is “multiple marriages”,
    -there may or may not be sex involved.
    -it could be 1 on 1s all the time, as far as sex goes.

  • Neo

    The religious hate gays, yet they are chock full of child rapists at every level in every sect. Romney financed his company with money from death squads in Mexico and he and his backers have the gall to question honest, hard working moral people.

    You couldn’t find a thimble full of integrity or value at the GOP conference, even our supposed insiders the Log Cabiners have been co-opted into complete obedience. Sad.

    It boggles the mind.

  • MickeyP.

    Just one word for this guy. DOUCHEBAG!

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