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Kristen Stewart just blasted homophobes hating on LGBTQ superheroes

Stewart with Dan Levy in ‘Happiest Season’
“I don’t know much about the storyline [of The Eternals] but I’m glad there’s gay people in it…I would say you’ve had your time. If you’re happier and more comfortable looking in the rearview mirror that is where we will leave you, bruh. But sure, go watch every other movie that feels like it hasn’t really touched on what we are, and we will just continue growing without you.”–Queer actress Kristen Stewart, commenting on resistance to the rise of LGBTQ superheroes in movies and mainstream comics. Stewart made the remarks in an interview with Variety on the eve of the release of The Eternals, the first Marvel Studios film to feature a married gay couple. Stewart also referenced the recent storyline in DC Comics, where Superman/Jon Kent came out as bisexual and found a boyfriend.