Kristi Noem’s new campaign ad featuring husband does little to quell Corey Lewandowski affair rumors

South Dakota’s god-fearing, gay-hating GOP governor Kristi Noem is in the home stretch of her reelection campaign and she’s just released a new campaign ad featuring her husband and brother gushing about how wonderful she is. Unfortunately for her, it has only seems to be reminding people of a story she’s spent months trying to quash.

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“I love my family and I love South Dakota,” Noem, who loathes LGBTQ people, tweeted, along with the video. “Thank you, to my husband Bryon and my brother Robb, for their kind words in our newest commercial we are launching today.”

Check out some of the responses…

Now, if you’re wondering who this Corey guy is that everyone keeps talking about, it’s Donald Trump‘s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Noem and Lewandowski have quite a history together. He’s been a top adviser to her for at least two years, although her camp has insisted that she’s “never paid a dime (campaign or official)” for his services. They’ve also traveled the country together and rubbed elbows with major GOP donors at high profile conversative events, dinners, parties, fundraisers, you name it.

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In response, Noem put out a statement insisting she loves her husband Byron very much and that she would not allow such a “disgusting lie” to keep her from doing her job of running South Dakota as deeply into the ground as possible.

At the same time the affair rumors began swirling, another story involving Lewandowski was published by Politico alleging that he made unwanted sexual advances toward a female Trump donor at a Las Vegas charity event, where Noem was also in attendance.

Trashelle Odom accused Lewandowski of grabbing her butt and caressing her thigh against her wishes at the Benihana restaurant inside the Westgate Hotel and Casino in September 2021.

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While the affair story has never actually been proven true, last month Lewandowski entered into a plea agreement involving a single charge of misdemeanor battery in regards to the incident with Odom.

Lewandowski didn’t admit any wrongdoing, but he did agree to undergo eight hours of impulse control counseling and 50 hours of community service in exchange for having the charge dismissed. The agreement came after police found his DNA on Odom’s dress.

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After the affair rumors/Benihana incident, Noem distanced herself from Lewandowski. But only for a little while. In recent months, she’s been hanging around him again. And by “hanging around” we mean they’ve been to several events together–from a private gala event for Chuck Norris’s martial arts non-profit in Texas last April, to a campaign event she held about cutting sales tax on groceries in South Dakota last month.

Noem is currently up for reelection and is also rumored to be considering a 2024 bid for president. According to a new poll released last week, she’s the preferred choice for 56% of registered voters in South Dakota, compared to Democrat Jamie Smith’s 37% and Libertarian Tracey Quint’s 3%. Another 4% are still undecided.

We’ll leave you with this clip of Noem being asked by a reporter about the mental health challenges facing LGBTQ people after she signed law banning trans athletes from competing in sports earlier this year…

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