Kristin Chenoweth Wants You To Be Able To Get Gay Married Already


I just want it [gay marriage] to hurry up and not be an issue anymore! I’m very proud of the work that has been done so far, I want us to hurry it up a bit more.

I think it’s important to say this because a lot of people think if you’re religious or you have any sort of faith, you’re automatically against equality in marriage. I speak as a Christian person, and as a woman and as an artist. I would love nothing more for my friends who love each other to get married.

I don’t think it’s a sin, I think we’re born how we’re born. Look at me, I’m 4’11’’, and so if it was a sin to be short what would I do? Well I’d just be, you know, it’s how God made me. I guess I just don’t understand why we’re still having this conversation. I want it to be done, I want it to be over with, and, you know, it’s the biggest equal rights issue – at least in our country since the 50s. I’m hopeful that in my lifetime it’’ll just be a faint memory.”

National treasure Kristin Chenoweth expressing her support for gay marriage to Gay Star News.

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  • Caleb in SC

    She truly is a national treasure. She be only 4’11”, but she has the voice of giant.

  • Dionte

    She is a sweetheart, loved her on Glee.

  • trelin

    She was so great on GCB….so sad that show got cancelled. :(

  • jar

    Did she return to the 700 Club to make this statement?

  • muscl954

    I love this woman! If I were straight, I’d track her down and make her marry me! Love! Love! Love!

  • viveutvivas

    Is her imaginary magic friend in the sky on board with this?

  • Merv

    Is she a Christian or isn’t she? She needs to make up her mind.

  • Vinaregglia

    She’s great. I’ve read up on her.

    According to The New York Times, when Chenoweth “assured her theater fans that she supports gay rights her Christian base was outraged; she was disinvited from performing at a Women of Faith conference in September 2005.”[107][108] Chenoweth released an album in April 2005, As I Am, a mixture of hymns and contemporary Christian music, with adult contemporary arrangements. To promote the album, she made an appearance on The 700 Club which upset some of her gay fans. She later said she thought that the “Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells of the world are scary” and that she regretted appearing on the show.[109]

    Chenoweth was cast in a recurring role as a political reporter in the fourth season of The Good Wife (2012).[65] However, she left the show because of a serious head injury suffered on the set on July 11, 2012, where she sustained a skull fracture, broken nose, spinal and rib injuries and cracked teeth.[66] Her character appears in the September 2012 season opener.[67][68] During that month, she returned to the show to film a short scene for another episode

    How could anybody playing Glinda not be pro-homo?

  • Vinaregglia

    Two stories I have not found reading.

    On a late night comedy show they brought up that she had an accident practicing a cheerleader stunt for a show & broke her cooter!
    She demonstrated a new trick she mastered-she can fit her closed fist totally inside her mouth.


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