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Kristin Davis’ Unveils All-Star Campaign Slogan In 11th Hour: Vote Homo, Not Cuomo

Kristin Davis, the Manhattan madam running for governor of New York (and who’s threatening to sue a New York Post columnist for calling her a prostitute), has a new campaign slogan: “Vote homo, not Cuomo.” Not that Davis has much of a chance of winning the election next week, but with a $40,000 television buy it’ll be lovely to see breaks between The View‘s babbling that attack both the former governor of New York (Eliot Spitzer was one of her alleged clients) and Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat trying to win the seat.

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  • Orpheus_Lost

    Is Kristin Davis LGBT? I really don’t know but if she’s not then I find her ad offensive. Of course if she is, I still find it pretty offensive that she’d go on the air with an ad telling the citizens of New York that it’s absolutely fine to call us “homos.”

    It’s ironic that a sex worker who objects so strongly to being called a prostitute has no problem dishing out insulting names for others.

  • Alex

    Why shouldn’t she be able to call us homos? Sounds friendlier than “queers” or “faggots” to me. Just view it like “black” instead of, well you know, that OTHER WORD.

  • Dollie

    I consider “homo” to be a reclaimed word, similar to “bitch.” I do not believe Ms. Davis is LGBT herself, but she is certainly an ally and thus a member of our community.

    Be offended by politicians advocating against marriage equality, not one using “hip” lingo to try to garner votes in favor.

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