KY Lesbian Suffers Broken Jaw After Assault By Group Yelling Anti-Gay Slurs

A young lesbian in Louisville is recovering from a broken jaw and other injuries suffered after she was attacked by a group of adults shouting homophobic slurs.

“Her jaw is broken in several places and she has to have a plate put in her jaw,” family friend Brenda Hickerson told NBC 9. The young woman’s name is being kept private, but Hickerson revealed that, in addition to cuts and bruisies, “she has teeth knocked out of her mouth.”

Hickerson—who says the young woman was on the ground with blood “just pouring out of her face”—believes she was clearly targeted because she was a lesbian. “This was a hate crime—there were hate slurs and this was not a robbery… They didn’t take anything.”

The girl was walking with two younger teens, who had called their mother complaining about four grown-ups “following us a little too close.” Andi Hornback, the boys’ mother, said her sons told her the men were yelling anti-gay epithets.

The situation escalated and the men began punching and kicking the victim before the boys could give Hornback their exact location—in front of two neighborhood churches. By the time Hornback arrived, EMTs were on the scene treating the girl and one of the boys, who suffered a concussion after being knocked down by the thugs when he tried to help her.

While the attack is unconscionable, it’s heartening that the community seems to be rallying behind this young woman.