Engagement Off For Handsome Homo

Kyan’s Queer Heartbreak

As Queer Eye heads into its (blessedly) final season, Kyan Douglas heads into new territory: singledom. That’s right, the beauty maven and fiance Greg Durham have called it quits. AfterElton reports:

[Douglas] revealed news about his engagement to gay rights activist Greg Durham. “Well, I haven’t ever said anything to the press…but we’ve called off the engagement. We’re no longer together.”

Kyan said that announcing the engagement a year ago was “without a doubt” a statement about gay marriage rights, adding that “Greg and I really came together, we really got to know each other at a marriage [rights] rally.”

But that initial announcement wasn’t something planned. “I was asked about it in the Philippines,” Kyan clarified. “[A reporter] said ‘Are you and Greg getting married?’ And I said, ‘Well as a matter of fact we are.’ And that got picked up over here [in the US]. Where we were at the time with it – that was just the truth.”

Here’s another truth: hundreds of homos just got a glimmer of hope.

In addition to announcing his single status, Douglas discusses a relative who recently converted to Evangelicalism. Scary.