Kylie In Strip Club Scandal!

Kylie Minogue must think she’s the only pretty, kind-of-slutty looking blonde in the world.

The pop singer and her lawyers are raising a stink over a strip club’s alleged illegal image. Minogue seems to see a resemblance between herself and the lady in this picture. The establishment’s owner, however, claims the woman’s just a generic slut from the internet:

London lawyers for pop princess Kylie Minogue have demanded a Wellington strip club remove what it says is a picture of the singer from its window.

Sheridans Solicitors said the image gave the “misleading impression” that Minogue endorsed, recommended or approved of Santa Fe Dreamgirls’ services.

But owner Garth Rosson insists the image of a pouty vixen in a wet shirt is not Minogue and has challenged Sheridans to prove it. If it cannot, he plans to continue using the image to promote his club.

He said his designer downloaded the image from an internet site three months ago and used it for a window poster. It was not labelled as a photograph of Minogue and he said he could not see the resemblance. “I’m not convinced, eh? What would a nice girl like Kylie be doing in a wet top like that?”

Though he plans on sticking it back up, Rosson removed the poster for the holiday season: “We wouldn’t want to hassle Kylie, or upset her. Not at Christmas anyway.” That’s sweet.