Kylie Minogue Drops Her Skirt In New Album-Teaser Music Video

Aussie pop goddess Kylie Minogue is letting her hair (and skirt) down this week in a brand new video for the song “Skirt” from her forthcoming 12th studio album. The album, now in post-production with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, is reported to have heavy dubstep influences.

“In 25 years I haven’t done anything like this,” Minogue told Nowness. “It was also really last minute and thrown together in a heartbeat. I love how Will’s shots have a rawness to them. They feel real, unprocessed and much like the viewer is there with me.”

Minogue also credits the great city of Los Angeles for helping inspire her sultry new bedroom look and the album’s heavy beats. “I love being chameleon-like and putting myself into new and unexpected situations, pushing myself to try different styles and delivery,” she said. “My goal is to expand my zone of experience and music and not lose myself in the process.”

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