Kyra Phillips Didn’t Apologize For Having Richard Cohen on CNN. But Did She Make Good Today?

“So why is it still a misconception for some people,” CNN’s Kyra Phillips today asked guest Dr. Clinton Anderson, of the American Psychological Association, “that [homosexuality] can be reversed or, quote-unquote, cured?” Oh we don’t know, maybe because CNN is participating in perpetuating the myth?

Making amends for her prior segment that gave ex-gay propagandist Richard Cohen a platform to spread his misinformation, Phillips had an actual respected psychological expert on the program to shoot down earlier arguments made during her show. And we’ll leave it at that — unless, of course, CNN continues inviting certified quacks on its network under the guise of “journalism.”

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  • mikeincleveland

    CNN is caught in a Catch 22 right now.

    Their ratings are down because critics say the network is “bland” and “ideological-less” so there is no taking of sides, no controversy, nothing to get people wanting to watch the network for whatever pundit fight is going to happen this segment in between 10 minutes of commercials.

    So now they’ve decided to inch their way into being controversial and having controversial guests and controversial topics to get people to watch, and people to comment, to write blogs about CNN and to get their ratings up.

    Either way, CNN is screwed.

    They start trying to be “topical” to get their ratings up and not be so “bland” but then they get bitched about for being… “topical” and not being so “bland.”

    If they don’t get bitched at for having anti-gay people on the network, they’ll get bitched at for having Far Right bloggers on, or truth-stretching GOP congressmen or whoever…

    Cable News….you can’t win either way.

  • Sean

    I think that Kyra sounded really sincere here. She made a mistake and apologized; we should accept it and move on.

  • fubar

    I have to say, props to her for owning up to the mistake and apologizing. I just hope she didn’t get any threats, otherwise we are not better than those crazy teabaggers (and no, not the good kind) ;-)

  • Joshua

    But if we don;t have people like that on then aren’t they just showing one belief? I hated the guy, he’s an idiot but she shouldnt be penalized for being a journalist. We complain how FOX alway seems a little one sided, this would kinda be the same thing if she didnt have quacks on too. I just really don’t think she commited some awful act.

  • thomesings

    @Joshua: It wasn’t so much that she let him on the show, but more that she didn’t challenge his insanity more directly/forcefully. When I saw the segment on yt yesterday, the man actually looked reasonable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he convinced someone less informed with his snake oil. The demonstrably wrong viewpoints need to be specifically criticized; and if he’s going to go on air and infer that he’s an expert, it should be strongly noted that he was kicked out of the relevant expert associations for being crazy.

    Rachel Maddow had the same moron on her show not too long ago; and she rightfully pointed out a lot of his craziness. And she made a point to say something like ‘I don’t want to give the impression that I consider you credible in any way.’ She quoted his insane ramblings from his published book to him and went over why exactly it was wrong and crazy.

  • terrwill

    She is now attempting to be an ex-asshole……. : p

  • Michael David

    I hate it when people say sorry, then blame those they are saying sorry to. Just say sorry, PERIOD.

  • christopher di spirito

    Kyra Phillips is a crackpot.

    Her Orange County, CA values are intact and she had her ass handed to her for the Richard Cohen fracas.

    But, Phillips isn’t about to apologize. Her shit doesn’t stink because she works for the “Most Trusted Name in News.”

    One day very soon, Le Kyra will announce she’s leaving CNN for an anchor gig at FOX Noise — where she will find safe harbor and a home.

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