Second Masseur Alleges John Travolta Guilty Of Sexual Assault

It’s only Tuesday and John Travolta is having a hell of a week: A second masseur has come forward to say the actor sexually assaulted him.

RadarOnline is reporting that the new victim is also being represented by lawyer Okorie Okorocha, and has witness and documentation to back up his claim.

Either Okorocha has some real dirt on Vinnie Barbarino or he’s hoping for a nuisance pay-off: He’s asking for $2 million  for each of his clients.

According to details in the second lawsuit:

“Travolta… indicated that he likes a lot of ‘glutes’ work, meaning a massage on his buttocks…While [the plantiff] was massaging near Travolta’s buttocks area, Travolta would open his legs and spread his butt cheeks open and had a full erection and would maneuver in a way to try to force Doe Plaintiff No. 2 to touch his anus.”

We’d ask to be struck blind right now but that still wouldn’t get the image of a turgid Travolta waving his starfish in some massage therapist’s face out of our minds.

The first plaintiff told Radar that “having a second person come forward and say that he went through the same thing makes me feel vindicated.”

Yesterday, Travolta’s rep told to E! that the first lawsuit was a “complete fiction and fabrication,” dreamed up to get the plaintiff “his 15 minutes of fame.”

There are worse ways to get famous: Travolta allegedly told John Doe #1 that he “got where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his Welcome Back, Kotter days,” and that “Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity.”

Photo: Tracy Hunter


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  • Ty

    Why doesn’t he just come on out? His sexuality is about as well known as Richard Simmons’ is.

  • LadyL

    Uh, shouldn’t that be “Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect sexual activity in return for favors”?

  • CBRad

    Remember when Carrie Fisher outed him ?

  • Larkin

    @LadyL: Shhhh, they might think they are a reputable news organization if they stop making multiple errors in every post.

  • Caleb

    @Larkin: Funny!!! I agree — Travolta should just give it up and come out. It may revitalize his career . . . for the what? . . . seventh time?

  • Pitou

    Ewww.. I definitely needed no mental image of John Travola begging to be finger fucked THIS EARLY!!!
    But now that it’s there.. You think he likes to be fisted?? He looks like a kinky fuck.

  • peter

    The masseur could have ended the session at any time he felt uncomfortable, by simply collecting his things, and walk out. After he was provided a ride home and paid for his services, would it not be considered a contract to accept whatever happened during the massage as being mutually acceptable, once the masseur accepted the “double what was owed”? After accepting the cash, each party would have considered the event had concluded with a “happy ending’.

  • mc

    @peter: I think there’s more details in the lawsuit. The first masseur was picked up by car. He had to demand to be let out of the hotel room as Travolta was refusing to do so. Apparently it wasn’t mutually acceptable.

    The second masseur said he reported it to his supervisor right away but it’s John Travolta so nothing was done. Since this one was a hotel massage therapist there’s probably phone records and witnesses who could place him there.

  • Nick

    So one of those homosexual Jewish men who expected favors was Mr. Kotter?

  • cam

    Scientology hates homosexuality so of course Travolta has turned into a neurotic closet case trying to get jerked off by Massures.

    His lawyers have lied and said he was out of the state, but if that was the case they would already have filed for an emergency dissmissal and gone after the Plaintiff.

    The fact that they have said “They are considering” doing that shows they are liars. If he really was out of state, then there is nothing to consider.

    Hopefully since gay issues are so much more accepted now the days of sad old closetd cases like this looking like idiots are coming to an end.

  • vixlad

    His sexual escapades was bound to come all out in the open.

  • vixlad

    This is not really shocking news now. Is it? We have always known this about him. His sexual escapades was bound to come all out in the open.

  • axon

    If Travolta is doing all those things, or similar things, it shows he really doesn’t give a damn about what Scientology tells him – he just elects to live a double life. Doesn’t sound to me as if he’s ashamed of his being (partly or fully) gay, just pragmatic.

  • cam


    Are you joking? Hiding and being closeted are EXACTLY what Scientology is about.

    Of course he is ashamed, no other reason to hide it.

    My question is…Is Kelly Preston a lesbian, or just well paid?

  • CK

    It’s well known locally that Travolta has been 86’d by a number of Hawaii’s spas due to his persistent and aggressive sexual behavior directed to male massage therapists. Lawsuits not surprising in the least.

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