L.A. Masseur Files Sexual-Assault Lawsuit Against John Travolta

John Travolta is denying allegations he tried to sexually assault a masseur in Beverly Hills earlier this year.

An anonymous masseur filed a $2 million sexual-assault lawsuit claiming that back on January 16, the Face/Off star picked him up for a massage appointment and drove them both to the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, where Travolta groped him and masturbated openly, reports TMZ.

According to legal docs, Travolta began rubbing the masseur’s leg, touched his scrotum and the shaft of his penis.

The masseur claims he told Travolta he did not have sex with his clients, but Travolta was undeterred, offering to do a “reverse massage,” adding, “Come on dude, I’ll jerk you off!”

A rep for Travolta, 58, claims the star wasn’t even in California on January 16,  stating “it can be proved that he was on the East Coast.” The spokesman said they might consider a counter-suit for “malicious prosecution.”

But Okorie Okorocha, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit on behalf of an unnamed client, told the Daily News “We approached them two months ago and never heard the defense [that] he wasn’t in town.” Photos have surfaced of Travolta from the G’Day USA gala in L.A. on January 14, just two days prior. (Of course, with the advent of airplanes it is possible for people to go from coast to coast in under two days. Or so we hear.)

“If [Travolta] has evidence to prove he wasn’t in town, great, then he has nothing to worry about,” says Okorocha. “But we believe we have enough of a story of when and where things happened that we can procure hotel and cell tower records. And I think there will be witnesses who saw things. This absolutely happened.”

This is hardly the first time Travolta has dealt with queer rumors: Way back in the 1980s porn star Paul Barresi blabbed about an alleged affair. There’s that weird photo of him kissing a guy a plane, that supposed tell-all book coming out and countless stories of bathhouse hookups. Even Carrie Fisher said “we know [he’s gay] and we don’t care.”
At this point, she’s right. But playing with yourself in front of someone who hasn’t given you the green light is gross. Almost as gross as thinking about what Travolta’s penis looks like.


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  • Shannon1981

    If he hadn’t let that homophobic Cult of Scientology force him to remain closeted, there would be no problem. Not like it hasn’t been a glass closet for nearly 30 years anyway. Just waiting for the next outing now. I’m looking at you, Tom Cruise!

  • Ron Jackson

    Oh my! Ya just never know. Well, I still haven’t forgiven him for “Battlefield Earth”. The only film I have ever walked out on in my entire life. Ugh.

  • axon

    Why didn’t the alleged victim just leave at the first leg rub or even earlier, since according to the law suit Travolta exposed some very physical interest as soon as his clothes came off? Anyway, why didn’t he leave before the more intimate groping and the live show? Odd. And two million? Is the masseur traumatized for the next 20 years? How about 5% av that sum?

    If Travolta did this, he shouldn’t have of course, but if he hired the guy via the Internet (how dumb is that?) he probably took for granted he had hired a (somewhat shy) pro.

    Time to come out? Absolutely no one will care if John Travolta finally admits he’s gay or bi. If this happened, it almost looks as if he wanted to be caught.

  • David Torres

    He needs to come out.

  • Mark

    The masseur was picked up in a SUV and driven to a location he was not aware ahead of and should be grateful it was John Travolta and not a Jeffrey Dahmer. That idiot. And he got to see a Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow.

  • jason

    Why does he need to “come out”? He may not identify with the gay brand. His alleged same-sex sexuality might be a small part of his overall sexuality. He may not consider it important in the overall scheme of things.

  • Cam

    “”The spokesman said they might consider a counter-suit for “malicious prosecution.””

    This is the typical lie that Hollywood attorney’s try to use to fake people out.

    “Considering” a suit or “Exploring our options” is code for the fact that they are lying and don’t have a defense.

    If they had actual proof that Travolta wasn’t in town they would have already gone before a judge, had the case tossed, and forced the paper to print a story detailing this.

    The legal community moves fast to toss a case when there is overwhelming proof like “He wasn’t in town.” The fact that they haven’t done this speaks volumes.

  • Ted

    LOL. Someone is looking for some cash.

  • Marie Cohn

    Your honor, exhibit A: “Moment By Moment.”

    Exhibit B: “Staying Alive”

    Exhibit C: “Battlefield Earth”

    Exhibit D: “Hairspray”

  • Marie Cohn

    “Defendant’s penis was fully erect and 8 inches in length,” according to the plaintiff.

    That alone should be sufficient to dismiss the case…

  • Daez

    Thinking about it logically…

    The lawyer for the plaintiff made the statement that they went to John Travolta’s lawyers asking for a settlement and then Travolta’s lawyers decided to take it to court.

    Since Travolta could wipe his ass with 2 million dollars, I would have to say if he was guilty he would have settled and avoided national attention.

    My guess is, this is some kid trying to get rich, and a bunch of seedy lawyers trying to help him do it as long as they get their 25-30%. This is America, anyone can sue anyone here with no real threat. In other countries, when you file frivolous lawsuits you pay heavily for them.

  • Frederick

    I have heard that Travolta is gay for many years. Considering his age, 58, would it really hurt him now to come out? It’s not as if his career is just starting out…

  • andrea

    this is too hilarious

  • Bob Kimball

    @axon: I agree with you. If Travolta is gay, or bisexual, who really cares? He’s a gifted actor, great dancer, good singer, wonderfully funny and serious on the screen. Assuming he is bi or gay, surely his wife must be aware of this. As far as his Scientology faith–not sure if they believe in the alternative lifestyle or not. I am a Christian, but strongly believe we are what we are–we do not choose to be gay, straight or bi-sexual. It’s time for our society and church to catch up with all of this.

  • Cam

    @Daez: said…

    “The lawyer for the plaintiff made the statement that they went to John Travolta’s lawyers asking for a settlement and then Travolta’s lawyers decided to take it to court.”

    Travolta’s lawyers didn’t take it to court, the Plaintiff’s did.

    —-and No. 14 · Bob Kimball said….”As far as his Scientology faith–not sure if they believe in the alternative lifestyle or not.”

    Scientology is rabidly anti-gay.


  • TJ

    Oh please. I bet John Travolta does in fact hire “pros” but I doubt he hires pros who don’t play ball if you get my drift… there are way too many in Hollywood and NYC for anyone to get their signals crossed. It’s probably an extortion plot. Either this dude’s lying or he performed what he was paid for and now wants moire money. And BTW even by the guys own admission there was no witness to the assault. As for the sexual battery thing you could have left at any point. Ridiculous.

  • Belize

    @Marie Cohn: Girl, you are killing me.

  • Shannon1981

    The Xenu crowd would likely take legal action if Travolta or anyone else in there came out. They are also very gifted at lying and covering up scandal, which makes this extremely attractive to celebrities. I don’t even think it’s a real faith. Just a cult.

  • Chris

    @Shannon1981: I doubt that–if you call them up and ask them if they let gays into their church they’ll be thrilled to hear from you and happily sign you up for an expensive class or two. On the other hand if you call them up and ask them if they can cure your gayness, they’ll likely tell you yes as well. The hypocrisy ultimately comes from Hubbard, who was all over Hollywood’s gay celebrities but at the same time was homophobic and claimed he could cure gay, along with near-sightedness, asthma, depression, ad nauseum.

    With Travolta they are very likely “helping” him to be straight and covering up his slips, but if they’re blackmailing him with it they’re probably far more worried that he might say something about how well Scientology treated his handicapped son–the poor kid would be probably be alive if Travolta had gotten him real medical care.

  • Shadeaux

    He could have let John violate him! What’s the world coming to when John Travolta can’t get a little peen from a masseuse prostitute whore! J/K… but after reading everything that happened, I do wonder how John was able to grab the shaft and try to play with the head of his penis. I know John’s attorney is looking for someone that guy has had sex with before. Even though “dude” had the right to say “NO”, I can’t help but think that since he knew who John was, he immediately saw dollar signs. He will at least get “hush” money.

  • Jon

    If you are a legit massage therapist you are not going to meet some shady guy in a black SUV on some random street. Only a dodge male escort is gonna do that. Real therapists are a bit more professional than that. Therefore, I say he knew what he was getting into and is just looking for a big payday after the fact.

  • Shannon1981

    @Chris: Yeah, true. They are a cesspool of junk science, for sure.

    Was anyone charged in the death of the child?

  • mc

    It’s now reported that a second masseuse has come forward alleging sexual harassment. He claimed he even went to management and reported it immediately to his supervisor but all got swept under the rug. He also claims to have proof and eye witnesses. He’s being added to the lawsuit.

  • LadyL

    Is it just me or is anyone else thinking of Amberton, the predatory closet-case superstar character in James Frey’s “Bright Shiny Morning”? (Probably a composite, but still…)

  • Donal

    What–we have readers of Queerty commenting on here about the “alternative life style” and “choice”??unbelievable…

  • peter

    @jason: bravo! my sentiments exactly! gays are too quick to wrap a rainbow flag around anyone who has dabbled, completely ignoring that right-to-privacy thing. all these gratuitous outing antics do is alienate people.

    that being said i’m sure this is another meritless suit by some gold-digger hoping to make some fast $$$ off a rumor.

  • CarolCollins

    @Ted: Just as I’ve told many overly sensitive parents who want censorship on TV,
    THAT’S WHAT REMOTES ARE FOR, or someone who doesn’t like something on the internet, SCROLL, and in this case, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE ROOM.

    I, personally, think when/if someone comes out is 100% his decision. Anyone who says otherwise (MHO) is a bully. I’m big on personal responsibility. Do it, or not, and own your actions. To sue or to whine after the fact is a coward’s way out.

    I greatly admire that Adam Lambert came out immediately, but I also admire Rickey Martin for doing it when the time was right for him. Sorry, got distracted from the groping or non groping.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @peter: Once you becoem a “Celebrity” your “right to privacy” is more theoretical than actual. Travolta has trolled the steam rooms of “stright” health clubs for years. These masseur suits are new — and rather silly. Cooking hamburgers with a hard-on? How rude!

  • David Ehrenstein

    @CarolCollins: “I, personally, think when/if someone comes out is 100% his decision. Anyone who says otherwise (MHO) is a bully.”

    Really? ofthem as a Truth-Teller.

  • mc

    I don’t think this story is about outing anyone. This is about using your power against lowly employees to sexually harass them. Not all masseurs are into prostitution and giving happy endings. But that’s the only thing people think of when they hear stories like these. If the stories of the two men are true, then Travolta was counting on this very reaction when he targeted these guys. This is not about him being gay but about him being a predator.

  • jj

    No matter what any “gay” celebrity does or gets caught doing the general public will always believe them to be straight until they officially come out with a people cover. Anyone remember the reaction when clay aiken came out, middle america was shocked! lol

  • James M. Martin

    Around here, we called him John Revolta (as in revolting, not as in revolutionary). He was cute in the high school TV show, then he did some good low budget or auteur work, e.g. with Brian DiPalma, and then the superstardom attendant to the brilliant “Pulp Fiction,” and Mr. Travolta made his place in film history. The problem with Scientology is about the same as with Catholicism (so well illustrated in “True Confessions”): the Confessional and the e-meter do pretty much the same thing: eek secrets out of you that can be used by the top of the Ponzi con that is organized religion to keep you enslaved to the illusion of becoming a saint or a clear. I see no difference at all. The Vatican Corporation and L. Ron Hubbard were a Machiavellian hucksters, the Pope spending his time at Castel Gandolfo; Hubbard, on yachts, both amassing extraordinary wealth off just such suckers as John Boehner and, yes, Tom Cruise.

  • AaronT

    In highschool, I took a “personality test” from the Church of Scientology. I was a pretty obvious gay youth, and when I went for my evaluation, they told me that they knew I was gay (duh) and that they could help me. Their idea was that sexuality is body and the body doesn’t matter. We are our minds, our minds control our bodies. We have the ability to transcend the body. I found this to be kind of interesting.

    They then told me I should spend some intimate time with a close female friend and use my mind to control my body to do what it was “supposed” to do. I was 16 at the time, and they were telling me to have sex. I responded by saying, if we are the mind and the body is unimportant, then why do the genders of the bodies matter. They couldn’t really answer this.

    Based on that experience, I am never surprised when obviously gay actors become Scientologist and ultimately marry women. I think for many self-hating closeted celebs, they really are looking for a “cure”, and they know that many of their peers have “found refuge” in Scientology. I feel bad for them.

  • Chris

    @Shannon1981: No, no one was ever charged. The child had a seizure and hit his head. The ambulance driver actually tried to blackmail Travolta, but Travolta had him arrested and eventually dropped the charges.

    It’s known that they were treating the boy with Scientology and some Scientologists have stated that they were ordered to stop using anti-seizure medicines. It’s also known that Travolta’s friends and family urged him to get the child real medical treatment. What exactly they did or didn’t do is unknown.

  • Genevieve Ali

    If it wasn’t John Travolta being accused, obviously it wouldn’t get the publicity it’s getting, but on a legal note, $2mil.?????
    There would be a gazillion, genuine sexual assault/rape victims, cashing in.!!!
    The story itself, I believe, is just that, a story, with an anonymous author & a greedy legal team.
    Whether or not John is gay is irrelevant, maybe he likes to get his bits polished occasionally by someone who knows what they’re doing.
    I’m sure we can all relate to that.!!
    As for the innuendo regarding the death of his Son being bought into this discussion, way below the belt…. dirty pool.

  • kawneekwa

    If he comes out all naked on da job, he might get touch. OHkay??
    Why he have is johnson all out in view if he don’t want some groin action.

  • Geri

    @jason: “Why does he need to “come out”? He may not identify with the gay brand. His alleged same-sex sexuality might be a small part of his overall sexuality. He may not consider it important in the overall scheme of things.”

    I guess it wouldn’t be much fun for you if a few big Hollywood actors chose to come out as bisexual before waiting until they’re almost dead (E.G. Tony Curtis, Marlon Brando, Farley Granger) because then you’d have even less excuse for bashing out bisexual Hollywood actresses and going on and on ad nauseum about bisexual double standards in the media.

  • Shadeaux

    @kawneekwa: LMAO! Yo ass is crazy!

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