L.A. Masseur Files Sexual-Assault Lawsuit Against John Travolta

John Travolta is denying allegations he tried to sexually assault a masseur in Beverly Hills earlier this year.

An anonymous masseur filed a $2 million sexual-assault lawsuit claiming that back on January 16, the Face/Off star picked him up for a massage appointment and drove them both to the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, where Travolta groped him and masturbated openly, reports TMZ.

According to legal docs, Travolta began rubbing the masseur’s leg, touched his scrotum and the shaft of his penis.

The masseur claims he told Travolta he did not have sex with his clients, but Travolta was undeterred, offering to do a “reverse massage,” adding, “Come on dude, I’ll jerk you off!”

A rep for Travolta, 58, claims the star wasn’t even in California on January 16,  stating “it can be proved that he was on the East Coast.” The spokesman said they might consider a counter-suit for “malicious prosecution.”

But Okorie Okorocha, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit on behalf of an unnamed client, told the Daily News “We approached them two months ago and never heard the defense [that] he wasn’t in town.” Photos have surfaced of Travolta from the G’Day USA gala in L.A. on January 14, just two days prior. (Of course, with the advent of airplanes it is possible for people to go from coast to coast in under two days. Or so we hear.)

“If [Travolta] has evidence to prove he wasn’t in town, great, then he has nothing to worry about,” says Okorocha. “But we believe we have enough of a story of when and where things happened that we can procure hotel and cell tower records. And I think there will be witnesses who saw things. This absolutely happened.”

This is hardly the first time Travolta has dealt with queer rumors: Way back in the 1980s porn star Paul Barresi blabbed about an alleged affair. There’s that weird photo of him kissing a guy a plane, that supposed tell-all book coming out and countless stories of bathhouse hookups. Even Carrie Fisher said “we know [he’s gay] and we don’t care.”
At this point, she’s right. But playing with yourself in front of someone who hasn’t given you the green light is gross. Almost as gross as thinking about what Travolta’s penis looks like.