Pride Goers Identify Their Favorite Gay Icons

You might’ve read that the hookup app Jack’d recently polled its users about their favorite gay icons, with celebs-du-jour like Michael Sam and Frank Ocean coming out on top.

Don’t get us wrong, those guys seem nice, but icons? Come on. Absorb a little queer culture, Jack’d users.

We headed out to the Pride festivities in West Hollywood to see if actual LGBTs have any queer cultural markers that go back more than a few years. The responses break down pretty much as you’d expect along generational lines, but there are some surprises in there as well.


Cher's mother when pressed

When pressed to come up with a queer icon who predates recent history, this group agreed that “Cher’s mom” was their pick.



Speaking of gay icons, here’s Prop 8 plaintiffs Jeff and Paul, enjoying some fun and sun.


Trevor RobertLindsay Lohan, Gaga

Trevor and Robert identified Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga as their favorite gay icons. Ho hum.


Evan and Jacoby Britney, Ricky Martin Cher, Madonna

Evan and Jacoby ham it up for the camera. They like Britney and Ricky Martin. But when pressed to come up with more classic figures, they strained themselves to reply with Cher and Madonna. OK, good work, boys.


Gio, Ethan, George, Jesse Lana Del Ray, Lindsay Lohan Shania Twain from the 90s

Gio, Ethan, George and Jesse sure are nice to look at, but their picks were all Lana Del Rey and whoever. Jesse redeemed himself somewhat by clarifying that he liked Shania Twain, but Shania Twain from the ’90s.


Cozy and Kit nobody

Cozy and Kit couldn’t think of any gay icons. Nope, not a single one. Nice hat, though.



Here’s the outstanding Marky Makeup, who gets to draw all over cute boys for a living.



Mark, Dudley and the delightful Ben Cuevas won pride by providing the very best responses we heard. The first name off their tongues was Joe Dallesandro, the Andy Warhol hunk, and Russian boundary-breaker Pavel Petel. That was followed by Madeline Kahn, Paul Lynde, and George Sanders (who played Addison DeWitt in All About Eve, and later took his own life, leaving behind one of the great suicide notes that read “I am leaving because I am bored.”). And because things were getting a little heavy, they also threw in George Takei for good measure.


Peter and Dave Tom of Finland

Peter and Dave responded “Tom of Finland,” and then wandered off before we had time to ask if we could go home with them.


Brock, Kyle, Danica Wanda Sykes, Milk the Drag Queen

Brock, Kyle and Danica like Wanda Sykes and Milk (the Drag Queen, not Harvey).


Kiona, Jennifer, Cyndi, Erika Ellen

Kiona, Jennifer, Cyndi and Erika all like Ellen, and so do we.


Nick and Phoenix Cheyenne Jackson and Ellen, NPH

Nick and Phoenix like Cheyenne Jackson and Ellen. Not bad.


Megan, Ali, Christian Ellen, NPH, Ren Gutierrez from orientation

Megan, Ali and Christian like Ellen, Neil Patrick Harris, and a guy named Ren Gutierrez who spoke at college orientation.




Here’s the Community Grand Marshals of the parade.


Joe and Derek Madonna and Cher Kelly Rowland

Joe and Derek look up to Madonna and Cher. Who can take issue with that?


Rachel Ted Gabby Tim Boy George and Elton John

Rachel, Ted, Gabby and Tim cited Boy George and Elton John. Good answer, kids.



Matt and Will are visiting from Tennessee. Ricky Martin came to mind, but then Matt revealed that he dated the brother of Danny Roberts from The Real World, and they were both great guys.

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  • Lvng1tor

    If you think Lindsay Lohan is a Gay Icon(No offense Ms Lohan, I think you’re great just not an Icon)You prob consider ketchup a veggie & Adderall a vitamin.

  • Stache99

    Isn’t it funny (or maybe not) that you can pretty much figure out their answers by the way they look.

  • Theonewhoismany

    I guess giving more notoriety to useless celebrities is fashionable. Why mention people like Alan Turing, Gore Vidal or Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci. I somehow fail to understand the status and glorification given to ANY of the above named “icons” other than people’s desperate obsession with fame as it’s own reward.

  • boring

    Holy shit, gay culture is a million years behind and also terrible.

  • Sparkyu1

    “Don’t get us wrong, those guys seem nice, but icons? Come on. Absorb a little queer culture, Jack’d users.”

    Wow, so they need to absorb culture because out, groundbreaking LGBT people are more important to them than straight musicians? Maybe they consider actual LGBT people more important to LGBT culture?

  • Mezaien

    @boring: Can you introduce me please to your`s “head of time” gay culture? that if you got any? just asking.

  • michael mellor

    These scenes of queens in their undies are incredibly sad. It makes you wonder if Pride marches are in their dying days. They may as well just call it the Undies parade.

  • James Hart

    What, no Da Vinci or Michelangelo??? Boy, Queerty really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to write this story

  • Lvng1tor

    @michael mellor: Pride is a party….not every person is dressed like that. Just relax.

  • michael mellor

    How did Iggy Azalea come third in this gay icons survey? What has she ever done for GLBT rights?

    If the guys at LA Pride are indicative of the IQ of the average gay American, God help us. We may as well just throw our rainbow flags away and declare the end of our community. You would not want anything to do with it.

  • pawnee

    Let us not forget that barbra Streisand never backed away from controversy in support of the gay community. She risked major shade when she called for a boycott of fuc&ing Colorado as a result of their unfair anti gay laws! She got 2 taboo movies made for the gay message (Serving In Silence and What Makes A Family) to reach large audiences. She tried like hell to make The Normal Heart a movie as viable as The Way We Were. To dismiss her action over Larry Kramer’s rants is nonsense. She loved that piece but they butted heads at every turn. Her public love of the play brought it into a different light as did her adoration for her own gay son. A true queen for our community. She displayed action when others thought kissing a girl on MTV was shocking. Never forget the truth people.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    @pawnee: Brilliantly stated, and factual, pawnee.

  • FridaTibetans

    I’m really surprised no one said Larry Kramer, controversy doesn’t negate iconic status. Or at the very least Pedro Zamora.

  • JDJase

    Ha, the boys in the 5th picture (Gio, Ethan, George and Jesse) are all Helix porn models. I’m surprised they gave you their real names instead of their stage names.

  • QuintoLover

    @michael mellor: Supposedly she’s homophobic too.

  • QuintoLover

    @Sparkyu1: Frank Ocean had one song about loving a guy.. Is he even gay or just bi?

  • Alan down in Florida

    The average young LGBT these days has no clue how these freedoms and this openness they enjoy came to be. Someone should them down and force feed them some Gay History 101.

  • boring

    @Mezaien: Don’t look towards me for answers, I’m so far away from the traditional “gay culture” that it’s ridiculous. I just think the fetisization of the same 12 names from literal DECADES ago is super fucking gross in a creepy fascist way.

  • boring

    @boring: Fuck that, my favorite gay icon is, of course, Snagglepuss.

    I had to think about it for awhile.

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