L-Word Storylines To Get Commercial

Ilene Chaiken’s one clever lesbian!

The L-Word writer and creator convinced Showtime, which doesn’t air commercials, to let her write products into the lady drama’s storylines. And the move may bring in serious bank:

Those with knowledge of the matter say that for $300,000, consumer brands can buy an “integration package” that will either incorporate a brand into existing L Word storylines or allow the brand to work with the show’s writers to create customized storylines, participating in one episode or across several…

While Ms. Chaiken wouldn’t comment on the $300,000 figure, she did say that pricing is being kept flexible to allow the maximum number of potential partners. The L-Word, she notes, isn’t just about and for gays and lesbians; it’s about “affluent, avid consumers plugged into pop culture,” which Ms. Chaiken said makes the series “a rare, perfect opportunity for showcasing brands” to women, lesbian or not.

We’d love to see Chaiken work in a Vagisil sponsorship!

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