LA council candidate under fire for teaching at school that banned gays

College professor & LA City Council candidate Loraine Lundquist has come under fire by her campaign rival for teaching at a college that did not allow queer students, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The charges come from Lundquist’s campaign rival, City Councilman John Lee, who has accused her of enforcing discriminatory practices. “Lundquist made a conscious decision as an adult to teach at and cash a paycheck from a school with a discriminatory policy,” the Lee campaign alleged in a statement.

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Ludquist, an astrophysics professor, once taught the subject at her Alma Matter, Principa College in Illionis. The school labels itself as a “Christian Science community of practice.” A school newspaper article has since revealed that while she studied and taught at Principa, the school enforced “an unwritten agreement among admissions and the administration” to not allow queer students.

Lundquist, for her part, denies the charges, calling them “shockingly misleading.” This is not the first time she’s come under scrutiny for her time at Principa College. Last year, the Stonewall Democratic Club raised questions about her involvement at Principa before ultimately endorsing the candidate.

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