LA drag performer hospitalized after brutal hit-and-run incident

Sasha Markgraf. CBS screenshot

Police have launched a search for the driver of a silver Honda Civic that struck a drag queen in West Hollywood two weeks ago, leaving him in the hospital.

Los Angeles drag performer Sasha Markgraf exited the Flaming Saddles bar when he saw the headlights approaching.

“The driver swerved and the next thing I knew I saw headlights,” Markgraf told CBS. “I saw headlights and the next thing I knew I was hitting a tree that was next to me. And waking up 10 minutes later. … It’s sad to say but I think he was coming straight for us. He didn’t have to go right. He didn’t have to veer to the right. He could have kept going straight and he veered to the right.

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Markgraf had his shoulder crushed under the car and has required extensive corrective surgery for the injury. Those procedures have included inserting plates and pins into his shoulder and arm, which he can barely move. He also suffered a concussion and damage to his knee, which has filled with fluid. Though he has left the hospital, Markgraf has lost all use of his right hand. Doctors say it could take up to a year for him to recover.

The driver of the car sped off into the night; police are asking for any tips the public might have in identifying the driver. Markgraf has also launched a GoFundMe to help with the cost of his medical expenses.