La Mama Turns Up The Heat To Keep Things Cool

Dottie Maraschino hosts a cast of character’s for La Mama’s “The Heat Is On” fundraiser this weekend. Kiki and Herb (pictured) lead the host of homo-notables, including drama fag Christopher Borg, director and Yoga enthusiast, Matt Gould, and cultural aural art quarter, Origin, to help raise money for New York-based theater, La Mama.

While some gays will be helping GMHC fight AIDS, all the proceeds from the ten dollar tickets go to the experimental theater’s HVHC fund. A publicist-endorsed message explains:

We are blasting off our $100,000 campaign to bring heat to our new Archive and exhibition space in the Annex building. The Heat is On! is a series of variety shows celebrating La MaMa artists and benefiting our HVHC (heating ventilating and air-conditioning system.) Each month, La MaMa will produce a variety show with music, singing, dance, sketch comedy, puppets, drag queens and more. This party like atmosphere will also include raffles and refreshments. Everyone is donating their time and talent to help La MaMa keep the Heat on!

Can’t have the theater’s make-up collection melt, nor do we want frizzy wigs on the up-and-coming drag queen’s head.

For complete line-up and ticket information, click here.