LaBarbera Takes Narrow Shot At Gay “Loving” Obama

Gays no longer carry the wedge politics weight they did during previous elections, but that hasn’t stopped right wing activist Peter LaBarbera from playing the queer card against Barack Obama.

Writing in the wake of Obama’s support for gay adoptions last week, LaBarbera released the following statement, which attempts to brand Obama as some lavender vigilante:

[Obama] advocates the full repeal of DOMA, which goes farther than Hillary Clinton, who only recommended repealing part of the Defense of Marriage Act. He’s talking about opening up the military to homosexuality in a time of war. He’s talking about ‘gay’ adoption — putting children in homes that are intentionally fatherless or intentionally motherless, and using the White House bully pulpit to do that.

Someone get the pitchfork!

LaBarbera goes on to point out that Obama, unlike rival John McCain, congratulated California’s newly wed gays. This, of course, only fuels LaBarbera’s reactionary outrage:

[This] makes Obama…the first presidential candidate to actually support homosexual marriage. When you’re congratulating homosexuals for their supposed marriage, that’s being for and celebrating homosexual marriage.

Poor LaBarbera.

Obama, in fact, does not support gay marriages – not explicitly, at least. While he prefers civil unions, he does, like McCain, support a state’s right to determine their own nuptial laws. Both men choose to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Mentioning that inconvenient truth, however, would severely deflate LaBarbera’s misguided anger.