Lacey Noel : Project Faux Drag To Social Media Darling!

For as young as she is, Lacey Noel is wise beyond her years. Down to earth, sincere, matter-of-fact. A calm, collected energy that compliments her fun-spirited, technicolored world. She is very much an old soul who has a grasp on knowing who Lacey_Noel_Featuredshe is and how to express it. Something most teens struggle with well into their twenties…ok, maybe even our thirties…I don’t mean me, just people…in general (nervous giggle)…anyway, let’s get to know this young lady is all about!

How did your cosplay project come about?

Lacey: Project Faux Drag came about when I was just messing around with make-up doing looks inspired by queens. When I did my makeup like BenDeLaCreme, my mom (a pin-up photographer) thought the make-up would go great with some of the clothes she has in her clients’ wardrobe. BenDeLaCreme has that pin-up, burlesque aesthetic…it was perfect! It turned into a photo shoot! People on the internet seemed to really like the photos, so we just did more and more of them!

Love it! Who has been your favorite queen to portray?

Lacey-Noel-Project-Faux-Drag-Courtney-Act-Miss-Missy-PhotographyAhh! Thats too hard! All of the cosplay shoots I’ve done all have special memories behind them. Courtney Act’s was fun because a friend made the outfit for me. It was really neat getting fitted and seeing the outfit come to life! I also got to surprise Courtney with the look on Hey Qween, which was really awesome.

I also got to borrow Detox’s outfit to portray her which was truly amazing. It was an honor to wear her Thierry Mugler dress, hair, and all of her jewelry. I mean, these cosplays are like my children. I can’t just pick one!

Fair enough! You’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of Rugirls. After seeing them on TV, Who were you most surprised by in person?

Detox Icunt. On season 5, she didn’t seem like the nicest person ever, but we’ve actually formed a really nice friendship! She is really sweet, funny and I’m very grateful to know her. 99.9% of the queens have been very sweet and .1% aren’t very nice to me (or some of their fans). It always surprises me because I feel you should be appreciative of fans, because without them…where would you be?

Agreed! You are in the public eye and have fans yourself! What is something THEY’D be surprised by about YOU?

What an interesting question! They would probably be surprised by a number of things. I’m a very petite person, standing at a whopping 4’8″! My mom has ways of making me seem taller in photos! I am a huge enthusiast of geek culture (Qapla’!)as well. I had  a bone marrow transplant at the age of nine months old….but what may be most surprising about me is that I’m not rich, like people seem to think I am. For the first ten years of my life, I was brought up in the ghetto. We lived down the street from a crackhouse. There would be drive-by’s on the next street over. Once I even witnessed someone getting stabbed. It was a truly horrible place and my mom worked very hard to get us out of there. I’ve been called a “spoiled rich girl” recently. My mom lives to spoil me because she wants me to have everything she didn’t have growing up, but rich is something that we are not. Hopefully someday, though!

You are rich in talent, gurl! How amazing that you and your mom get to work creatively together! Based on what you know so far, Which season 7 queen are you most interested in cosplaying? 

Lacey_Noel_Featured_2I am really excited to cosplay as Trixie Mattel and Max Malanaphy because they both interesting and gorgeous fashion sense as well as ways of doing their make-up…but I am REALLLLLY looking forward to cosplaying as Violet Chachki because she has a very vintage, bondage-y and Bettie Page-esque style to her. Since my mother specializes in that type of photography, its something I’ve grown up seeing.

Outside of Project Faux Drag, what is Lacey’s signature style?

When I first started getting into fashion, I was obsessed with the Austin Powers trilogy, and later the remake of Hairspray. I was so fascinated by the fashion of the 1960’s and ended up dressing in very mod clothing and teasing up my hair in bouffant hairstyles. With time, my fashion sense evolved into a spectrum ranging from mod to vintage to edgy high fashion and t even being inspired by the harajuku fashion district. My favorite fashion sighers are Jeremy Scott, Marco Marco and Mary Quant! No matter what, I’m always colorful in what I wear!

It seems like this project is just the beginning of more creative endeavors!

This project has made me grow as a model, make-up artist and cosplayer. As a whole it is one of the most important things to ever happen to me.

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