Lack Of Ladies Leads To Gay Love?

The Indian town of Mehsana’s got a bit of queer problem: there are far more men than women. And, according to the Times of India, many of Mehsana’s sexually and socially frustrated men are taking to the boys:

The 2001 census ranked Mehsana as the district with the worst skewed sex ratio of just 801 women per 1000 men. The after effects are being seen now, with the north Gujarat town witnessing a marked increase in gay activity.

All thanks to the dearth of eligible brides because of rampant foeticide over the years. Trends show that many affluent Mehsana men in their 30s are now wining and dining gays from Ahmedabad.

“While homosexuality is increasing everywhere, in the case of Mehsana the skewed sex ratio could be fuelling this trend further,” says sociologist Gaurang Jani.

This spike in gay sex is, of course, being blamed for an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. Clever.

Meanwhile, we’re not sure we buy this “pragmatic gay” argument. It’s not like sexually frustrated homos start searching for snatch. Well, unless we’re really horny. And drunk.