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Ladies First: New Music From Kate Bush, Karen O, Peaches, Shunda K, And More

Kate Bush took an unprecedented 12-year break between 1993’s The Red Shoes and 2005’s Aerial. But lately it seems like she’s making up for lost time: In 2007, she released a song, “Lyra,” on the soundtrack to the underwhelming film adaptation of Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass. And this spring, Bush released Director’s Cut, on which she revisited and re-recorded songs from Red Shoes and 1989’s The Sensual World.

Now, just six months after Director’s Cut comes “Wild Man,” the first single from Bush’s upcoming album, 50 Words for Snow, which has a November 21 release date.

After Aerial’s ethereal sound—almost devoid of the percussion that was a signature of her work in the ’80s—it’ll be interesting to see where Bush goes with 50 Words. With its steady, gentle beat and vaguely ethnic touches, “Wild Man” sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place on The Sensual World. Can’t wait to see what else Kate has up her sleeve on this album.