Ladies and Gentlemen, For Your Consideration: A Moment With Saffy

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.16.11 PM

It’s time to give some love to Saffron; God knows it’s something her mother couldn’t always provide.

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Since we saw her last, the all-too-levelheaded scholar has clearly come into her own, no longer repressing her feelings, and no longer embarrassed at the drop of a Christian Lacroix hat.

No, Saffy in 2016 is a woman who won’t hesitate to tell you exactly what’s on her mind; she’s a bolder, brasher Saffy — a Saffron for a new generation. In short, she’s a hotter daughter. Just like Patsy always wanted.

Take a look at the new, improved Saffron Monson now. Hit it, Saff!