Lady Bunny Presents West Virginia’s ‘Gurls’

In June we saw “California Gurls,” that song from that wretched Katy Perry, get turned into a Washington State affair. Now drag queen impresario Lady Bunny delivers the West Virginia send-up, which is full of all the redneck stereotypes you’d imagine, with lines like “This place is best if you love incest.” Oh dear.

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  • skip

    Utterly tasteless and disgusting. Absolutely nothing redeeming about it. I can’t believe I even watched it.

  • nelson


  • Cheese


  • Bobby in Seattle

    As far as parody goes, this was brilliant!

  • From West Virginia

    Alas, another offensive parody about West Virginia. I wonder if any of these people making the video are actually from there. My philosophy is this: unless you have actually been to this beautiful state, you have no right to make fun of it. And FYI: most of the state’s 1 million or so residents actually live in *gasp* cities and large towns with paved streets and indoor plumbing!!! Only a small population live in the country. I would even estimate that more incest goes on in the ghettos of Los Angeles than all of West Virginia!!!

  • McMike

    Awww, I recognize Shealita Baby and Lavinia Co-Op from NYC.

  • Ian

    Are we sure John Waters wasn’t directing here (LOL)? Lady Bunny is a drag-tastic goddess and will always be! This video was classless and priceless, and anyone who doesn’t get it simply doesn’t get satire in general, and gay satire specifically! Go Lady Bunny!!

  • Troyshere

    vid was great.. gay humor and all. the guy would drive to west va. to meet up with.


    @skip: Dude, that video is a raging success because your comments are the entire point of the video!

    Drag Queens are brilliant in creating totally absurd takes and renditions on what some consider “normal” dresses it all up in sparkles, glitter,feathers, and big hair and makes a total mockery of it………..

    And for that we absolutley love our big haired Divas!

  • SomethingElse

    Drag queen dudes are such unfunny dorks. But to each his own I guess.

  • mountainword

    Nothing like appealing to the lowest common denominator.

    This was low-class, disgusting, and offensive to my people. Lady Bunny is not an artist, she’s not even a joke – this is just sad. Can “it” not find a better use of her “talent”?

    Maybe she’s just mad that she can’t make it as a man – so she’s got to dress up like a fat woman.

  • Gdawg

    Geeze guys some of you are taking it wayy to seriously.. I thought it was hilarious and I laughed my ass off.. not everything has to be something to get pissed at have a damn sense of humor!

  • Shealita Babay

    This video is appaling! I threw u three times. In Jesus name i Pray!

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