Hotel Humor

Lady Bunny Tells James St. James the Jokes That Were Too Outrageously Morbid for Drag U Producers

Friends since the Inquisition, James St. James and Lady Bunny parade around her Ramada Inn room while talking about her stint on RuPaul’s Drag U. The show takes real, ordinary women and gives them a fabulous, ego-boostin’ make-over.

Producers for the show were weary of Bunny’s oftentimes un-lady-like humor, she tells us. For example, when a woman contestant talked about her son’s death, Bunny responded: “Girl, if your son could see you now (after the make-over), he’d get a boner.” And when Lady Bunny heard another contestant singing, she asked, “Wait, were you in the room singing when your sister committed suicide?”

Even James St. James went all offended-face.

What do you guys think? Can reality TV handle a little too-soon humor from a drag queen?