Lady Bunny Thinks We Have Bigger Concerns Than Being Offended By “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Lady-BunnyIt offends me that people don’t know or care about the fact that we have basically two political parties, as we gear up for an election, that don’t represent working people. It offends me that people have experienced the freak weather of this past winter and still can’t wrap their heads around that we need to pressure politicians to do something now about this! Because it’s going to get worse! That kind of stuff is more offensive to me. I really think words are a tool of performers and comedians and actions speak louder than words. It offends me that GLAAD is going to use its position to tell people what to say in a free country! Another thing is once you start the word policing, where do you stop? I mean the word ‘hunty’ is a play on ‘honey’ and maybe that’s what’s confusing all the bees and decimating bee populations worldwide! It’s just like come on! Lighten up! And if you do want to attack someone, attack the very real challengers – not a drag queen on a reality show. For Christ’s sake! Reality TV is exploitive in its nature. It offends me that Real Housewives are portrayed as wig-snatching, social climbing wannabes having cocktails at lunch when the great women in my life, like my mother and sister, are taking care of their kids picking them up from school and doing laundry! To me those are negative images and for some reason women are the ones who support them!”


Lady Bunny offering her informed opinion on the RuPaul’s Drag Race controversy in an interview with Huffington Post


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  • aliengod

    Lady Bunny is so right. We have become so wrapped around political correctness and the fear of offending someone, a person can hardly speak. People need to lighten up.

  • hotshot70

    Totally agree. You got She-mail was not insulting to me. It was a play on e-mail.

  • HirsuteOne

    Lady Bunny is certainly entitled to her opinion. IMO the “guess the she-male” game was offensive and Logo was correct to rebuke it and similar sounding references and offer an apology to the T in our LGBT family.

  • Jared Suzume

    For her to say that “words are tools…but actions speak louder then words” only shows that she doesn’t understand the power of them. The fact that she can speak and use this tool openly is an allowance of the very thing she regards as unimportant, words. She criticizes GLADD for making people who use this same tool of words to hurt our young-lings, so much so that they kill themselves, hesitate before doing so. And WE have accomplished this through law, which is nothing but words. The supremacy of words over action is so great that we can rewrite history. Not in an idealistic way but quite literally rewrite what has preceded us and change the understandings of our descendants. Why do you think so many gays feel empowered now? It is because our forefathers and heroes have told us again and again through the tomes of time, despite global ridicule, that we are worth something. No action can transcend memory but words can, and no action will be remembered without words.

  • Jared Suzume

    How unpleasant it must be to live in a conundrum.

  • HirsuteOne

    @Jared Suzume:

    Bravo, this is one of the best responses that I’ve read on Queerty.

  • Caine

    Go Lady Bunny – there was nothing offensive about “You Got She-Mail” and anyone who says there was is being overly sensitive. Bunny is right. There is so many more pressing issues we should be jumping up and down screaming about.

    Personally I think we should start a campaign to get LOGO to put She-Mail back in and stop being such pansies. Oh Pansies – how dare I?

  • Desert Boy

    Lady Bunny is spot-on. What a shame the execs at LOGO-TV are such spineless pussies.

  • inbama

    No self-respecting gay man should surrender to the Trans Language Police.

  • michael mellor

    I agree with Lady Bunny’s comment that it is women who support shows that demean other women.

  • BitterOldQueen

    Lady Bunny, well-known sociologist, is totally right on this one. The whole “forbidden words” fight is a distraction from real issues.

  • Allen D.

    If only the trans folks realized that, by telling gay men what they can and can’t say, it will just breed resentment of trans people. I know it has for me.

  • AllenSF

    I didn’t know much about Lady Bunny but as of today I am a fan! I could not have said it any better!

  • nefter

    I have nothing against trans people, really, never have, but I have always resented the fact that I am lumped into this ever-expanding group of inclusiveness. I don’t really feel like being a gay man has anything to do with being transgender, at least not how I identify myself to the world, and the whole “Q” for questioning? you know what, when you make up your mind you can be on the banner! Honestly, Were GAY period. I just think it would be ALOT easier for us to advance as a group and bring everyone else with us if we didn’t confuse the hell out of people all the damn time. I am expecting to get grief for this but that’s just how I feel…

  • vklortho

    Would we have so many people on this comments section telling people to toughen up or not be so sensitive if the slur in question was a certain six letter f-word?

  • inbama

    Because it’s a phrase that, like “trannie,” has been used by drag queens to each other since before you were born.
    Transfeminists don’t want to be associated with and to be mistaken for drag queens, so THEY have made it “a slur” even though it’s not about them and isn’t being hurled at them. Heck, they cried like it was a crime against humanity when that former CNN talk show host broke their rules and mentioned that Janet Mock had been “born a boy” – which she most certainly was.
    Don’t get me wrong – there are many lovely T-folks, but they, too, are under fire from the power-mad Trans Language Police who are determined to define sex, gender and orientation for everyone.
    But what are you talking about, anyway?
    There’s a guy who actually posts here whose handle is “a certain six letter f-word” and nobody says boo.

  • vklortho

    @inbama: I don’t like the trans language police either, but I find it disingenuous that so many people in these comments sections are telling trans people to toughen up when you can do a search on queerty for articles containing the f-bomb and the comments section there is mostly against it’s use.

  • inbama

    I’m sick of all the whining.And with six groups in LGBTQI, there’s somebody offended almost every day.

    I am also sick of “phobias.” There was a time homophobia actually meant something, but we ran it into the ground to the point it means everything and nothing. Making matters worse, every one wants their own phobia now. Biphobia, Transphobia – I guess Intersexphobia is next. Or maybe Genderfluidphobia.

    Anyway, I think “toughen up” is code and probably means something like “get off our backs.”

  • Cam

    Funny how if Lady Bunny had been a contestant on RuPauls Drag Race she never would have made it through because Michelle Visage would have attacked her for doing a character and not being vulnerable and real.

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