Lady Bunny Thinks We Have Bigger Concerns Than Being Offended By “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Lady-BunnyIt offends me that people don’t know or care about the fact that we have basically two political parties, as we gear up for an election, that don’t represent working people. It offends me that people have experienced the freak weather of this past winter and still can’t wrap their heads around that we need to pressure politicians to do something now about this! Because it’s going to get worse! That kind of stuff is more offensive to me. I really think words are a tool of performers and comedians and actions speak louder than words. It offends me that GLAAD is going to use its position to tell people what to say in a free country! Another thing is once you start the word policing, where do you stop? I mean the word ‘hunty’ is a play on ‘honey’ and maybe that’s what’s confusing all the bees and decimating bee populations worldwide! It’s just like come on! Lighten up! And if you do want to attack someone, attack the very real challengers – not a drag queen on a reality show. For Christ’s sake! Reality TV is exploitive in its nature. It offends me that Real Housewives are portrayed as wig-snatching, social climbing wannabes having cocktails at lunch when the great women in my life, like my mother and sister, are taking care of their kids picking them up from school and doing laundry! To me those are negative images and for some reason women are the ones who support them!”


Lady Bunny offering her informed opinion on the RuPaul’s Drag Race controversy in an interview with Huffington Post