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Why is Lady Bunny unhappy this 4th of July? Because Trump. That’s why.


Lady Bunny new song, ‘Unhappy,’ is heating up the senior citizens’ song charts and giving us all something to clap along to this 4th of July.

4th of July commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the celebration of a new nation: The United States of America. Now, 241 years later, Lady Bunny’s new song reminds us that Donald Trump has us fighting for our freedoms once again.

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Sit back, grab your good Boniva, light up a sparkler, and give the song a listen below.

Happy Independence Day!

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  • griffnyc

    HA! Lady Bunny was all over the web screaming “Never Hillary” during the election cycle. We are now living with the consequences of the “never Hillary” people who bought in to that line of BS. I raise a single finger in your direction.

  • He BGB

    People who said never hillary didn’t realize what a nightmare Trump would turn into. They thought they were getting the fun loving reality show host. I don’t think anybody could have for seen we would have a leader who is more concerned with attacking people for their looks on twitter than concentrating on the job that needed to be done and that doesn’t mean tearing down everything Obama did because you have a little penis.

  • Evji108

    Oh come on! Trump has been nothing but consistent from all through his campaign till now. Grabbing pussies, talking about bleeding “down there ” , inciting violence at campaign rallies, generally being the total A-hole that he still is today. If anyone thought he was anything other than a total arrogant, narcissistic douche before he was elected, they were either asleep at the wheel or deliberately ignoring his insanity.

  • DCguy

    But remember what the Trump Rolls mantra is.

    Trump and the GOP can attack lgbt civil rights, can say they will appoint judges to attack us. Can support groups advocating that lgbts be murdered in Uganda, and support the right for businesses to take tax dollars but refuse to serve us here…..

    But pointing out that that is bigotry means that non-Republicans are evil meanies and bullies.

    • o.codone

      DCguy, take a pill. Just keep in mind that it was the establishment, the 50 years of liberals (with the exception of Reagan) that gave us Trump. The abject failures of the justice system, economics, education, infrastructure, foreign policy (one exception here is GWB’s war), medical care, and civil society under liberals has been epic. Think Detroit, think Chicago. Liberals. It didn’t matter that Trump was a doofus, people wanted change and Hillary sure as heck wasn’t it. So, thank you liberals for putting Trump in the Presidency. Take some responsibility for it. I voted for him but I couldn’t have done it without you. And keep up the loony tune antics on the streets with your pus*sy hats because that’s gonna give us 2020 too. MAGA. Now, seriously, do what I do, take a pill. Or two. Oh, heck, take them all.

  • Spike

    Gotta love these two faced Bernie Bros and Never Hillary gays that are NOW not happy with Trump.

    Pity that cannot be forced to wear MAGA hats until trump is out of the White House.

  • ErikO

    I’ve met Lady Bunny unfortunately on several occasions through the decades in NYC. She/He is the biggest narcissist and phony besides Ru Paul that you will ever meet.

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