Lady Cranes Find Love, But Can It Last?

Lesbianism’s for the birds. In a good way, of course.

Displeased with their prearranged male partners, two red-crested cranes over at a Chinese bird sanctuary decided to get together. And sanctuary officials don’t sound too happy:

Two red-crested cranes living in a bird sanctuary in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, have been observed as living in a state of gay-mate ship owing to the absence of attractive male partners. The day after meeting and being distinctly unimpressed with male cranes Chong Chong and Ming Ming, hens Huan Huan and Xi Xi opted to rely upon each other for sex and survival.

Local zoologists say it is extremely rare for cranes to enter into this kind of relationship.

The sanctuary has appealed to the public for help and is in touch with other mainland bird parks in an effort to find suitable spouses for the park’s four cranes.

Huan Huan and Xi Xi sure have some challenges on their hands (claws?), but let’s hope the ladies can overcome this adversity.