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  • yawn

    Enough of that hag.

  • justiceontherocks

    Not hating on the Lady, but do we really need a post a day about her?

    Maybe tomorrow she will change a tampon.

  • Harbo

    Although I don’t care for her music, I have geat admiraton for Lady Gaga. We need people like her on the front lines to keep pushing the envelope. She’s pro-gay and isn’t afraid to take the heat. She’s fighting for us and I say give her some respect.

  • jason

    Lady Gaga looks no different from your typical female porn slut. Terry Richardson is a sleazeball who deserves to be loathed by the gay community.

  • Ted C.

    *Sigh* Yet again, Lady Gaga’s trying to convince us she doesn’t have a penis.

    (I kid!)

  • Jeffree

    @jason: Why do you & your beloved alter-ego/ pretend friend “Max Campbell” rant on about & know so much about “female porn slut(s)”?
    Has Lady Gaga harmed you somehow? Has she made it more difficult for you to come out as sexual to your Mommy? Has your special aluminum foil hat stopped keeping those angry voices in your brain from watching the slut porn you crave? Does your parole officer know you have access to the internet? Scary !!

  • alan brickman

    Mediorce pop stars talking about gay rights…yawn….

  • alan brickman

    I know alot of people who think she is doing absolutely nothing to really help gays…she’s just helping the g’s money…..

  • ewe

    Terry Richardson rocks.

  • boo

    @alan brickman: I no rite? I really wish pop stars would be more homophobic!!!!!11111 then i wouldn’t mind them taking my money

  • JM

    @jason: To be fair, Jason, most female porn stars look way better than Gaga in these photos. And a bit less like a blow-up doll. *shudder*

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