Lady Gaga Debuts “G.U.Y.”, Most Flawless Music Video To Date

tumblr_n2v4z26YqA1rsxbklo1_500Historically misunderstood artist Lady Gaga released her long-anticipated video for G.U.Y. tonight, and it’s going to make ARTPOP’s critics want to sew their mouths shut.

The 11-minute short film, which is actually the combination of two songs, “Venus” and “G.U.Y.”, is so flawless that it’s nearly impossible to view without screaming, throwing your hands in the air, or staring into the computer screen with your mouth agape.

It doesn’t seem to follow any kind of plot (what good music video does?), but it does include the lip-syncing cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Kyle Richards shoots a money gun), Andy Cohen as God, reincarnated Michael Jackson and Jesus, as well as the kind of intense Gaga dancing that’ll throw you back to Pararazzi-era Gaga.

This, friends, is the Second Coming.

And in case you missed it: