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WATCH: Naked Men Crawl Over A Naked Gaga In Trailer For Her “Fame” Eau Du Parfum

The  deliciously dark and overtly sexual trailer for Lady Gaga‘s “Fame” perfume is the perfect complement to what is touted as the first black eau du parfum.

Directed by legendary fashion photographer Steven Klein — who also shot the Lady’s “Alejandro” video, thus some striking visual similarities — there’s a lot to digest in the 30-second clip: the army of half-naked men, Gaga being birthed out of black goo, said half-naked men crawling over a completely naked Gaga à la Gulliver’s Travels (echoing the fragrance’s print ad), latex bodysuits, exploding goggles….

As with most of Gaga’s videos, it’s provocative while being completely indecipherable, sexy while being perverse and more interesting than anything her contemporaries have to offer. There’s a three-minute film set to debut around the September release of “Fame,” so the trailer is only a taste of what’s to come.

But what kind of taste does it leave in your mouth?