Lady GaGa Goes Gay Bar Hopping in London

gagalondon1Pop-tartlet Lady GaGa, America’s answer to Christina Aguilera, spent the weekend trolling London’s gay bars in S&M gear. Seems the rising-and-rising-still diva titillated the British paparazzi to no end by going “naked” to Heaven and Club G.A.Y, which are not sports bars, if you know what I mean. Though from all photographic evidence, the British press concept of “naked” is what American girls call “My going to the mall outfit.”

The New York Post‘s Ryan Brockington writes:

“Currently Number 1 on the US and UK charts, New Yorker Lady Gaga has been causing a stir in the streets of London by parading around without her clothes on.

The ‘razi have been snapping tons of pics of the Gaga club hopping in PVC S&M gear all weekend. Damn girl, ain’t it cold? Apparently the pop diva flaunted her rear end at London’s G.A.Y night club Saturday night. She was also fluttering around Heaven in the Charring Cross area (which I thought was the same club, but who knows).”

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  • Sampson

    ‘Heavenly’. That’ll be Heaven in London then, one of the most famous clubs in the world. As printed on the photograph you’ve posted.

  • Japhy Grant

    @Sampson: Thanks. I was thinking about where I wanted to go skiing.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    She’s from New York

  • Steven

    i don’t want to sound bitter, but christina stole her new look from GaGa, not the other way around! Lady GaGa’s been making the rounds with this style for a long time, way before xtina showed up with it.

    as dirty as this suggestion makes me feel, perez hilton’s been pretty thorough in showing this.

  • Sampson

    @Japhy Grant: I’ve seen how much you write each day. I reckon I’d be making more mistakes than you do, if I were doing it.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Then maybe we should leave crap like all this to Perez.

  • JesusofAudacity

    She ant no Lil kim. Imataters are fakers. She so Wack with that fakeness and all. She ant nobody to me.

  • gkruz

    “America’s answer to Christina Aguilera.”
    Dude, who was asking the question? Christina’s from Pittsburgh.

  • geoff

    I liked the post….and the line “Though from all photographic evidence, the British press concept of “naked” is what American girls call “My going to the mall outfit.””….is freaking funny.

  • zeke

    Lady Ga Ga is from NY and Xtina is a Lady Ga Ga fake

  • Lady Ga Ga

    Looking at the pictures she didn’t look that naked to me. But she does wear the most ridiculous outfits and what is with that silly tea cup she moans about all the time.

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