Lady Gaga Has Been Famous for 2 Years, and a Megacelebrity For 1. Of Course She Deserves a Book About Her

If Augusten Burroughs can whip out what seems like a dozen memoirs based on his 45 years spent on earth, then surely there’s enough material for a biography on 23-year-old Lady Gaga. And next month, it appears.

Dropping March 2, Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame arrives from Emily Herbert, who spat out a Michael Jackson bio in November, and last month released the postmortem book on Boyzone’s Stephen Gately. These well-timed tomes are billed by the publisher as “well-researched,” which they may very well be, but “rushed” might also be an accurate description.

For some, Behind The Fame‘s draw might be the 32-page photo insert. For others, it’ll be learning just what Stefani Germanotta was doing circa 2006 and prior, before she she became an international pop star and Saturday Night Live punchline. Because thus far, all we’ve got is what Barbara Walters tells us, and that YouTube clip of her performing in at The Bitter End.

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