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Lady Gaga Has Egg On Her Face

OH SNAP — Arriving on the Grammy red carpet an hour earlier than scheduled, Lady Gaga made her way through the photographer swarm inside this egg bubble — even stopping to answer a few Qs from Ryan Seacrest, through the looking glass — in some pop art attempt to show how she was “born this way.” She rolled up in a coffin. Just … no.

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  • MM


  • sam

    I’m sorry but I think that’s hilariously funny :P How can you say yawn to that?? Even if you think she’s pretentious, that shit makes me lauggggh

  • Cameron

    SHE IS POOP! What an attention s!ut!

  • Sexy Rexy

    I hate her. Mainly because she takes a rather patronizing and condescending attitude toward gays.

  • Devon

    Oh I see.

  • Kev C

    Her gay slaves look like they are dying of embarrassment.

  • GoNorth

    Silly. But the Grammys are silly too. But, c’mon, no more about Lady Gaga. I’m assuming most of the readers of this blog are supposed to be grown men, and hopefully not so shallow or interested in this subject.

  • Ian

    I LOVE performance art and how it freaks out the mentally DULL.

  • reed

    @Ian: LOL truth.

  • GoNorth

    I like the way performance “art” leads some to imagine any staged piece of silliness is something profound.

  • spaceman_three

    I feel as if we’re all witnessing the fall of Rome all over again.

  • COCO

    C’mon guys, she’s our gay rights advocate… don’t hate

  • ewe

    i think it is creative and fun and i find myself not cynical about it in the least. It’s charming to me.

  • berto

    Ian, have the standards sunk so low that you think this talentless hermaphodite is a performance artist?

  • Brandon h

    Oh come on its fun and silly. She throwing stuff out there just to see what sticks. I say it’s fierce and comend her for not going the Britney route and just slutting it up.

  • sam

    @berto: Isn’t that what someone has said about pretty much every “performance artist”, good or bad?

  • Nate

    I love how lady gaga thinks and acts; her new song may be recognized as something that would be done by Madonna…but why not? wasn’t Madonna pretty damn popular?

  • Daveny

    @COCO: Such a great advocate that she is partnering with Target?! To do a special promo for her new cd. She is fake.

  • Ian

    LOVED how Gaga outright had the Madonna hair from the ‘Express Yourself’ video, a wink to her haters. Disappointed that HuffPo decided to censor my comment over there that some may find the song derivative, but in what song ever has there been a rejoicing of both the differently-abled and those who are gay, lesbian, bi, & transgendered in the SAME song by a popular artist?

    I think that the majority of society is simply hating because one) we as Americans seem to rejoice in building people up and then wanting to savagely tear them down, and two) white straight people are miffed that all the other minorities are the subject of rejoicing along with them, & they hate when they aren’t the main focus of music lyrics.

  • GoNorth

    No, Ian. We hate it because it’s talentless crap and definitive of the bigger picture of the way standards have dropped. Though I don’t hate her, at ALL. Make as much dough as you can before people move on to the next performer. I’d do that too.

  • Dan

    It’s funny to see a lot of haters/jealousy on here. I think it is genius. She’s a fantastic artist and performer. Those haters can go and fuck themselves and cry weee…weee…wee…cuz they loss all their imagination…lol…or maybe they simply do not have enough talent to appreciate art.

  • Jorge

    Guys, why are you so serious? It’s just music. Chill out.

  • Keith

    I’ve enjoyed GAGA’s music in the past and thought she was entertaining early on. This Grammy performance was, as the young folks say, an EPIC FAIL. The song has good intentions (and the road to hell is….)but is not the record to carry her career forward. She missed on this one…….

  • Ian

    @Dan: My take is that as the majority of America is still against full equal rights for the gay community because many still want to see us as an “other”, so too with Lady Gaga with her bent for performance art the people of America push back against what they see as different/avante-garde/queer as they lack the intellect or heart to embrace that which is a little bit different from what they perceive as a norm. How sad for them.

  • Dollie

    I want to like her so much, I really do. But with every passing post, I realize that I am living on shattered faith.
    Coincidentally, this put the nail in the coffin.

    Janelle Monae is a million and two times more captivating! I’d be much more interested in seeing what she wore…

  • Ozzy

    Love you Gaga keep being a show stopper, going to see you again in Las Vegas March 26

  • Dylan

    Some say she tries too hard but I believe that just means she cares. Her message of equality is the most important thing in my eyes. I’m certain her lyrics help kids who are struggling and that makes her a saint to me. Of course nobody is obligated to like her, but I don’t understand the harshness from some people – what is she doing that is so terrible??

  • christopher di spirito

    Amazing performance. Gaga nailed it. But Arcade Fire? Who the hell are they?

  • Ian

    @Dylan: They prefer more traditional jiggly “bubbly” teen-tarts like Britney or Katey.

  • SKOC211

    Ok bitches let’s chill out. Let me share some facts:

    Gaga can sing. Really sing. Like Evita probably wouldn’t have been such a vocal train wreck if the Lady had been in it. She loves and supports the LGBT community more than anyone of her status has or ever has. Period. “Born This Way” is not just an “Express Yourself” rip-off. If you think so you’re lazy and somehow think Madonna invented the wheel. And she writes and produces all her own music.


  • Robbie K

    Sunny side up for me please

  • Chugalug25

    Dylan, I think a lot of guys are critical of the Lady Gaga thing because it seems like such mediocre pop hype and they’re pushing back against gay blogs which tend to try to push it on us. I don’t think it’s any real hatred of Stefani Germanotta herself. A number of gay men are critical of the “diva” thing anyway, which they feel belittles gay males, so it’s an extension of that.

  • Chugalug25

    But I do think Born This Way might be great in the soundtrack of a remake of that bad film “Natural Born Killers” !

  • Red Meat

    The performance was really great, I usually don’t like her dance moves but this song had a solid dance routine.

  • Devon


    You’re right, it’s not just an Express Yourself ripoff. She worked TLC’s Waterfalls in there too.

  • redball

    She is the baddest bitch and she MURDERED the Grammys with her performance, as usual.

  • Andrew

    The song barely sounds like Express Yourself and TLC’s Waterfalls is evident nowhere in the song at all. Stop regurgitating information and actually listen to the songs and you’ll realize they sound almost nothing alike.

  • Shena

    LOL What a weirdo!!!!

  • Ugh!

    Why is everyone going on about the fact she ripped off Express Yourself? The worst thing about Born This Way is that it’s a bland, generic dance song that would have sounded dated ten years ago. Discussing which better songs she’s ripped off is academic. It’s like discussing what shade of brown a turd is. Who cares!? It’s a turd!

  • ron

    Arrogant bitch jumped the shark with this one.

  • Shannon1981

    I love GaGa. Bizarre, yes, but on our side and also a really talented songwriter. I am not necessarily always down with the shit she wears and does(meat dress anyone?) but she’s being herself and that is AOK with me.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Blah, blah on our side, blah.

    _roll eyes_

    Find her predictable and dull but she does something for people who are mainstream, so at least she isn’t Taylor Swift or countless rubbish new music.

  • jason

    Madonna was a vulture in her prime, ripping off her image changes from previous conceptual artists like David Bowie. In fact, most female performers of the dancer-performer category are basically cut-and-paste jobs devised by marketing teams.

    As As for why we gay men must accept these divas, it’s because the recording industry won’t allow a male singer to be out there in the way they allow the female singers.

    Think about it. A female singer is allowed to walk around half-naked on a stage, she’s allowed to say she’s bisexual even if it’s fake, she’s allowed to use this bisexual concept in her marketing…but a man isn’t. It’s a massive double standard in the American music industry.

    The great flaw of the American gay male community is that it has failed to challenge society on this double standard. America’s gay men have been too content with their divas to realize that these divas are actually part of the problem.

  • sammy8a

    She just used the egg to avoid the press at the red carpet. Obviously she didn’t want to answer questions about her rip off single

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    She was amazing! she looked incredible, sang and danced amazing!!!

  • beh

    Madonna copied David Bowie in every way possible

  • swarm

    Not only is it Express Yourself but also
    Waterfall,Vogue,When Love Takes Over,Walk Away,God Is A Dj,Fever.

    Watch @gocheecksgo show you here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD93yzTU_SQ

    He deserves his own post just for that video.

    Meanwhile, the egg was clever. The song NOT.

  • ewe

    Is that yellow see through stuff supposed to be dripping yolk?

  • redball

    @swarm: OK now that was hot!!!

    I’m no music theory major but I think that shows that Born This Way is composed of incredibly common pop-music chord progressions.

    Which also implies that many of those other songs are hardly original, either. Their chord progressions are ubiquitous!

  • Dan

    @Cameron: You should be ashamed of yourself. I do not know who you are, but it does not go lower than that giving what you posted. She is an artist, performer, and advocate. What she does is part and nature of the entertaining business. So think first before you write.

  • Kev C

    @Dan: Dan, Gaga’s name comes from Queen’s misspelling of the word Caca. The word Caca is a latin word that means: Poo or Poop.

    Seriously, that’s what her name actually means.

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