Lady Gaga Is Living For Drag Race Fave Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles isn’t just a shoo-in for the all-stars edition of RuPaul‘s Drag Race, she’s made a fan of Mother Monster herself. Lady Gaga recently tweeted a compliment about Needles, a.k.a. Pittsburgh native Aaron Coady, on her official Twitter feed:

“Sharon Needles looks FABULOUS 2night on drag race. Very Born This Way outfit/fame monster wig. Any rentals for my tour.”

Needles response was typically sardonic: “Lady Who?” She don’t care. “Don’t be a drag, just be a drag queen. Or don’t. It’s the worst job on the planet.”

Photos:  Mathu Andersen/Logo; Fausto Fernós, Feast of Fun

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  • Mark

    Sharon Needles is most definitely NOT from LA like that irritating Willam. Girl is from Pittsburg if I recall correctly. Remember Sharon hasn’t (insert whiny voice here) “been on Sex and the City”.

  • Nora

    Mark is right. Sharon is from Iowa and lives in Pittsburgh. Also, she did offer to let Lady Gaga borrow her outfit, if she could find it!

  • Sharon Needles

    I AM from Iowa and reside in Pittsburgh, PA and Gaga can borrow anything from my closet as long as she returns the favor!

  • Jonathan McKee

    This is wrong. Sharon Needles was absolutley flettered by Gagas praise.

  • Jonathan McKee

    Look at her facebook page to see comments from Sharon Needles

  • Sozo

    Dang. Phi Phi must have destroyed her room in a fit of Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman-like rage!

  • QJ201

    LIVING for Sharon Needles

  • Go!

    Why would she be a shoo-in for RPDR All Stars if she wins this season?? Are you telling something????

  • ousslander

    Loving me some Sharon Needles! Cannot wait for Phi Phi to go home and watch her face fall. Both faces! LOng Live Needles!

  • Astark

    Honey Whitlock.

  • pixipie

    So happy for Sharon … o the irony that she should get love from phi phi’s snatch game persona.

  • Frederick

    Sharon Needles is so quick-witted and cool; I just adore her. Congrats to her on getting Lady Gaga’s stamp of approval. Pee Pee O’Hara, on the other hand, is simply mean-spirited and pathetic; I can’t wait until she gets booted off Drag Race. Even though I don’t think they’ll bring Willam back to the show, it would be poetic justice if they brought him back, and he out-lipsynched Pee Pee.

  • Wesley Horace

    ms. sharon sounds a tad bitter from that response. clearly she didn’t win. such a shame.

  • Steven

    @Sozo: You know Phi Phi did. She probably was nashing and grinding her teeth so hard she ground her snaggle tooth down to a chicklet.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    She’s not bitter that’s her personality. Sharon’s made it clear that she pulls out the Gaga when she has bills to pay. Otherwise she does her own characters. She did luck out that zombie is 2012 popular via Gaga and Walking Dead.

    What a surprise. Gaga bothers to tweet a pop culture person and it’s all about her anyway. I’m gonna bet Sharon predates Gaga in that look. eyeroll.

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    It’s painfully obvious she’s the best on the show.

  • T

    Sharon Needles ad Pandora Boxx are my fave 2 from all seasons.

    I hope Sharon wins.

  • Houston Bill

    I don’t know why (I hate her name)…. but I actually like her too. Despite trying hard not to.

    I don’t know if she will win. I think that Latrice, Sharon, or Chad could win this one. As far as all stars go… Ongina would have to be on the list too.

  • Kevin

    All you haters will have to eat it soon. Phi Phi wins =P

  • Dionte


    She better not.

  • rujeall

    Needles wins this one! Pee pee can suck it! Oh wait nevermind

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