Lady Gaga Is Taking Her Act To Outer Space

The world is simply not enough for Lady Gaga. Today it was announced that she is bringing her live act to outer space in 2015.

The “Applause” singer will become the first-ever performer to sing in outer space. She has signed on for the Zero G Colony tech festival in New Mexico, where she’ll be loaded into a Virgin Galactic spaceship and blasted off the planet.

This has many people excited. (For various reasons, of course.)

Zero G Colony is a three-day tech festival set to take place at Spaceport America in New Mexico. The event will feature world-class entertainment and cutting-edge technology. Gaga’s performance is scheduled to take place at dawn on the third day of the festival.

Gaga is said to be bringing her team of wardrobe, hair and makeup artists along for the ride. She is also said to be taking out a very large life insurance policy just in case things don’t work out.

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  • Dixie Rect

    Good, go and don’t come back! So sick of her. The new CD is unlistenable. Major fail Stef.

  • hotshot70

    Dixie, I sense JEALOUSY! Are you one of those that still thinks #GRANDMADONNA is current? #GAGARULES!


    I haven’t ecactly been been her greatest fan. Indeed, I’m ashamed at some of the unforgivably nasty things I’ve said about this woman. I was wrong and I apologise.

    I think this space rocket idea is an amazing departure creatively for her. I hope to see her career blow up on the back of this. Sincerely.



  • tardis

    This sounds like something Penelope from SNL would do. In fact, if she sings in space, she pretty much outdid EVERYONE.

  • Dixie Rect

    @hotshot70: Agree with you on grandma Ciccone, but come one the new Gaga CD is awful. Have you heard it?

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