fame does kill

Lady Gaga + Kanye Cancel Their Tour. It’s For the Best. Really


Well you sort of figured this would happen: The Kanye West-Lady Gaga tour has been canceled, and we hear it has nothing to do with ego. Haha.

Man baby Kanye and man lady Gaga were supposed to entertain fans in a touring production that would combine each of their artistic talents for an evening of really, really gay fare. (So gay, in fact, that 50 Cent referred to The Fame Tour as The Gay Tour. He’s since apologized.)

It was just last week the two were promoting their tour. Now, nothing; Live Nation confirmed the tour is dead.

Which means it’s time to let the theories fly: There was bad blood between them! Kanye made one too many gay jokes! Kanye really is going to take time off like he promised! Or, this very real possibility: Nobody was buying tickets. Sure, neither Kanye nor Gaga have problems filling a room by themselves, but that was before Mr. West used the MTV Video Music Awards as his own personal idiocy effigy.

Whatever the reason, it means this Fame Kills promo will be relegated to the Internet dustbin of unearthed potential.

It’s probably for the best anyhow, since the tour’s gimmicky pricing structure was an invitation to be ripped off at the hands of a man who, frankly, should stop talking.