Lady Gaga Makes Christmas Album, Thanksgiving Special. Is A Very Gaga Purim Next?

We doublechecked the calendar and its not April Fool’s Day—Lady Gaga has indeed released a Christmas album, A Very Gaga Holiday, now out on iTunes.


The four-track EP features Mother Monster’s versions of  “White Christmas” and “Orange Colored Sky,” as well as her hit songs “Yoü & I” and “The Edge of Glory.”(Apparently “Toys Toys Toys” and “Just Prancer” didn’t make the cut.)

But that’s not Gaga’s only foray into Martha Stewart/Perry Como territory: She’s hosting “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” special Thursday night at 9:30pm on ABC, where she’ll perform, chat with Katie Couric and pose cutely with a gaggle of children who have undoubtedly been told Santa won’t visit their house if they run away crying. In one scene, she tells a little girl, “I love cranberry sauce. My mom makes the best cranberry sauce ever!”

That’s a pretty far cry from “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.”

We’re not sure if this is Gaga selling out or being as subversive as humanly positively. We just hope we get to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in lobster heels and a meat dress.


Image via ABC