Lady Gaga Not Busy Enough, Plans to Decorate Barneys’ Christmas Windows.

Are you ready to have yourself a Gaga Little Christmas?

The Lady’s been drafted by luxury retailer Barneys to bring every ounce of weird, merry whatever she can muster for the busiest sales quarter of the year, when the store opens “Gaga’s Workshop” this holiday season. She’ll design their famously outrageous Madison Avenue window displays and even create exclusive items to be sold in a pop-up store within the store. (Simon Doonan, store’s longtime creative director and the wizard behind many of its most famous window displays, was made “creative ambassador-at-large” in January.)

Barneys plans to donate 25% of the sales to a charity of Mother Monster’s choice.

No other details were made available, so the wattage level of this media blitz/cross-promotion is anyone’s guess. But it just goes to show it’s really true: They put up all the Lady Gaga earlier and earlier every year, even before Thanksgiving has come and gone…