Lady Gaga Pulls A “Bieber,” Vomits On Stage In Barcelona

It’s not enough that Lady Gaga has to rip off Madonna—in her latest act of celebrity plagiarism, Mother Monster copycatted tween heartthrob Justin Bieber and blew chunks while performing “Edge of Glory” in Barcelona.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t take any pages from Rihanna’s playbook.

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  • Dumdum

    Poor Lady Gaga : ( Growing up in abject poverty, being bullied, and not having one but two eating disorders. She should know better than to drink the water. Oh wait that’s Mexico.

  • L1on1989

    Queerty: You’re as bad as the hateful gays that post on here. Celebrity plagiarism? When you begin to exhibit a shred of literary intelligence and blog about something worth reading on a more positive note, people may begin to take you seriously; HOWEVER, in the meantime, please continue to bash one of the most powerful women in the media that continues to donate her time, money, and self to LQBTQ causes. #FAIL

  • 2eo

    @L1on1989: While Queerty is funded by Outbrain [A mormon advertising company] they will continue down this path of criticising people like Gaga and ignoring horrible atrocities carried out by the religious in the USA and overseas.

  • Dr. Dick

    I’m not a Gaga fan (or hater) but I gotta give homegirl mad props for playin that off so casually!
    “1,2,3,4- 5,6,BBLLAARRGGHHH,8!”

  • Niall

    Anyone notice how unlike Beiber, she didn’t magically continue singing with missing a beat while vomitting? *giggle*

  • Trip

    @L1on1989: Wow, lighten up, Mary. “Celebrity plagiarism” is a joke referring to the unexpected and somewhat improbable fact that Gag-a threw up onstage within days of another “singer” doing the same. I realize the humor is somewhat complex for a queen who seems to be utterly devoid of humor.

  • Trip

    @2eo: Queerty is hardly a hard-news source, and celebrity news is not hard news in any context. If you’re looking for sites devoted solely to raising gay awareness and leading campaigns for gay rights, there are plenty of those. If you want to see what happened on “Ellen” today or hear the latest Adele song, you’re in the right place. Easy to get confused, I know.

  • Rockery


    “Hateful gays”? Or open eyes? I have nothing against gaga but its clear she has just tapped into a desperate market (gays) who will follow her every move. She has idiots calling themselves “monsters” they call her “mother monster” how self indulgent is that? She is a narcissist that understands gays lack an identity and will worship her as YOU do. I won’t be played. There is something very insincere about her and it stinks like a bad fart. Liking gays, is just a small part of the attention grab, there is the meat dress, other wacky outfits, the bulimia, she is an attention whore.

  • Clawsuplittlemonsters

    If you guys continue to bash Mother Monster, we will hunt you down. STOP IT NOW or you will not live to see 2013. Lady Gaga fans, we have a new website: clawsuplittlemonsters.blogspot.com

  • Bascha

    @L1on1989: When are you going to exhibit a shred of literary intelligence and use your reading comprehension skills to realize that they were joking since, ya know, everyone always bashes on Gaga for this “celebrity plagiarism” and all.

  • L1on1989

    @Rockery: self-indulgent, Narcissistic, attention-seeker; does not change the fact that she gives a voice to millions of people who thought they didnt deserve one. You may see the attention she gives to a demographic of people that have yet to be touched as a marketing ploy; however, they see it as something much different. I happen to work in a youth outreach center and know first hand what an inspiration this person is to so many young people who don’t have anyone else. Who am I to debunk ones actions when I see positive outcomes sitting in front of me week after week in the form of LGBTQ teens struggling to know themselves and dealing with how the rest of society views them? Everyone deserves some sort of hope in this life, and she gives it to so many people which is something you cannot argue with despite your bitter attempts. For the record, her music is not even something I choose to listen to. Shocking?

  • randallreynolds

    Art imitates Art. Art influences other Art.

    Stop saying Gaga ripped off Madonna, because you’re cheapening Gaga’s ART in doing so. And it makes you look like sad, old queens of yesteryear.

  • Rockery


    Gives a voice? In what way? All talk no action, I remember “born this way” was supposed to be this gay anthem and the video, ended up being scantily dressed girls and her grinding on a guy, it’s fake. Lets say I believe your tale of kids looking up to gaga, do you know what really makes a difference? Parents and friends accepting us not gaga. That has been my experience, celebrities don’t provide the support needed etc. I have yet to hear anyone say that gaga changed their lives, we need to work with REAL people in these kids lives to make a difference. “hope” in the form of a celebrity does not save lives, ie Jamey R although she did a wonderful tribute to him after death…. Laws, churches, parents, schools are the answer, gaga isn’t, PERIOD. It’s not “bitter” it’s common sense, keep living in a fantasy world where gaga has a huge impact in your life. Your viewpoint is what I find shocking..

  • Allen D.

    @Rockery: EXACTLY. And again, I’m dumbfounded by some people’s inability to accept that we DON’T HAVE TO LIKE HER. WE DON’T. I don’t care what she’s done, for who, etc. I DON’T LIKE HER. Get over it.

    And it looks like my other comment was deleted because I pointed out that her vocals kept going while she was puking. Found that to be pretty darn interesting.

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