Lady Gaga Remix Proved Too Much for D.C. Clubgoer

On Saturday night a 58-year-old man had a heart attack and died at Town Danceboutique, the D.C. venue that bills itself as “the first new gay danceclub to open in Washington DC in decades.” In an email, the club’s management wrote staffers “contacted emergency personnel who responded and worked extensively trying to revive him. He was transported to the hospital where he later passed away. Town management closed the club early due to this horrible event. Our thoughts are with him and his family.” And then there’s web commenter David, who says, “I randomly talked to a patron who wound up at Nellies after everyone was ushered out. He was right next to the individual when it happened. Apparently the staff did nothing for a full 10 minutes. Can anyone confirm or deny this?” Unfortunate either way.[photo: Christopher Wiggins]

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  • Paschal

    May he rest in peace.

  • Brian

    Defibrillators are cheap enough now that any location with a large mass of people should have one.

  • Queer

    Love the sensitive headline.

  • ycktr

    Seriously. Using a headline like that is a real scumbag move – someone died, have a little respect.



    If you queens don’t care for the headline… about starting your own fucking blog.

    Until then, take the sticks out of your asses and try shutting the fuck up.

    Christ almighty……..

  • Sean

    I was just there Friday. The place is so loud and dark and crowded with self-interested people, I can see why no one did anything for 10 minutes.

  • Brian

    I was definitely there on Friday, and I had no idea what was happening at first. I recall Town turning on the lights, but then someone ordered them to be turned back off, because we all know the gays would forget about everything but themselves as long as there is alcohol and music.

  • Jeebs

    Queerty, have some respect for the gentleman that passed away.

    It’s not about Queens being bitchy, its about knowing when its appropriate to crack a joke.

    Whatever little respect I had for the staff, its definitely gone now


    This headline is exactly the reason I rarely come here anymore. Why bother when there’s smarter blogs about more interesting topics just a click away?

    In fact….

  • emilio

    @Brian: Brian, do you mean turning them off but someone ordering them back on?

  • emilio

    He fell 1 foot away from me. there were 4 of us who tried to get emergency services to respond. the club staff were useless and I even ran to the DJ booth and asked him to turn off music, on lights and ask for any emergency qualified patrons to help. A BAR SECURITY MANAGER almost knocked me down as he told the DJ “what ever you do not turn off the music” WHAT THE BAR IS SAYING ABOUT REPLYING RIGHT AWAY IS A “BOLD FACE LIE”
    we tried to help that man for 15 minutes before security even figured out what to do and even then they did nothing. EMS took 25 MIN to get there when they were only 5 minutes away.

    as far as the cop she arrived 15-20 min after the event. the man went down in front of me about 11:50p..she got there at 12:12 (I should know since I had run out to see what the hell was going on with the ambulance) I actually greeted her before even the town security. anyone else who was present with me when he went down and called 911 right after ..if you read my post please leave me a message. Town says they called 911 and ems got there right away.
    1. I am not sure what kind of call they made and when (WE WILL have to LOOK AT RECORDS…

    I do however know that two other amazingly kind patrons called 911 seconds after this happened yet police showed around 12:12a and EMS is ON RECORD by their account as having arrived at 12:16a ( I have it at 12:20a)

    Please if you have your own story of having called 911 that night and your own recollections as to the behavior or lack of from Town personnel (they didnt as they say cleared the floor right took them 15 minutes or more)

    I am pissed at the whitewashed/airbrushed reports coming from the club! I didnt know this man but I was standing in front of him watching him dance quietly, enjoing the sounds. his eyes were closed and he was smiling then he was down. It could have been me, it could have been you, a friend or family member. If you saw what I did, please post and speak up. If you know the name of the man please post. lets give him and his family the dignity he DID NOT get that night. Lets tell the thruth and not let the city or the club sweep his last moments under the rug.
    I hope to have inspired you guys to come forward. remember if you saw what I did that it could have been anyone of us. like he I was alone there that night, had no friends, no one to help or make a call for us. lets make that call now.

    thanks in advance to those of you who will reply.

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